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Digital Marketing Intern

Portrait of Kode Digital's marketing intern Husna

Do you ask yourself about why you are born into this world and what you believe in?

Your Purpose? I don’t thinks so.

Well as for me I would say that all are not just a coincidence. Take a look at all the nature around us, even a single leaf God creates has a purpose. So, instead trying and pondering why do I exist, I would like to say that I am trying to do my best, improving myself is the purpose upon itself. Moreover, a baby was born without knowing anything and we did not take our self to be an entrepreneur, artist, teacher or something else. We did not even think, “are we gonna be a boy or a girl?” What I’m trying to say is all of that we learn later, we are trying to be someone, trying to live as this identity.

I would say that Digital Marketing was not my first choice. That time I was still wondering what I want to be, then zzappp! Suddenly, the pandemic hits. I was kinda devastated ‘cause I realised I need to spent more time with my friends and family. So, I just trying to look at the photos, memories in my phone. But guess what? There are no photos or videos about my friends for me to recap back what we did and how we spent our time together. Then, my first step as heavy social media begin… I started to capture every moment I can, then I started to enjoy recording videos, editing and everything that can make my contents looks more aesthetic, stylish cause that is the trend and benchmark to get people to look at your content. From that I receive compliments that boosted my initial purpose from only take pictures as memories to post it to my social media and share it with my friends so that people know that I have talent HAHA. I began to look and study how professional editors record their videos, how they record advertisements and that’s how I applied it to my assignment videos. Every time we have a video to make, it can be short ads video, vlog and presentation, I will volunteer myself. At first I was kinda afraid if their expectation were too high but what I know is fear has killed more dream then failure ever has.


I was so glad that I managed to get an internship at a company, and its KODE Digital! Here I learned a lot about being a digital marketer. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so I have learnt a range of techniques, on how to be an excellent digital marketer.

And to be ‘someone’ is a relative, we all live in the connection among us. Because you are not dependent. Relationships are crucial and the basis things because to be someone, you need someone. You need the mother to become a daughter, you need the daughter to become a mother, this applies on nature. Also, at Kode Digital, I found that I look on seniors a lot and trying as much as I can to gain knowledge and expand my creativity to achieve what I want as a Digital Marketers. With the helps of others, I believe I can improve my skills and be someone good as them or the way more better.

So the question is what I want to be? I want to be that. I want to be this. Sometimes, we are still looking, finding what we are trying to be.

Hence, I believe in sincerity.

The quality of being real to yourself take a huge amount of energy compared to sincerity to others. To be someone who has a purpose in life, I believe that sincerity will bring me the success and the sweetness of my life. To enjoy everything you do, do what you want to do. As for now, my goal is to absorb as much as I can while completing my internship, and of course to pursue my aim to be a talented young digital marketer in future. I’m hoping that the joys of being a digital marketer will remain in my heart and continue to be the source of my motivation to improve my career and myself.

Be sincere in your aim, in everything you do, and you will find the support of God around you. As we clean our house when we invite someone, clean your heart so that everything you desire will come.

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