About JT

Graphic Designer

Portrait of Kode Digital's graphic designer JT

Born For Creativity

Since I was a young kid, I have enjoyed playing video games and tech even till now. I developed a sense for both fairly quickly, and want to continue growing my knowledge for as long as I am interested in it. During middle school, I liked to mess around with editing software for fun, creating memes and posting them online. I also like to build model kits like house miniatures and Gunpla because I find it therapeutic and calming. I am somewhat of an awkward guy when interacting around strangers or in new situations, but am able to fit in with most crowds.

During middle school, I also attended bakery courses, but then decided to pursue 3D courses during college. A friend of mine suggested that I switch to graphic design midway. Now, when I think about it, I realise it was a better choice overall because finding a job as a graphic designer is easier in Penang.

Career Thus Far

In 2019, I studied Graphic and Multimedia Design at Equator College, graduating in 2022. During those 4 years of studies, I learnt multimedia software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Maya. This helped me broaden my understanding of graphic design and allowed me to create more complex visuals. I also minored in Fine Art and learned a bunch of fun art techniques, like using mixed media to create a piece of artwork or creating t-shirt designs with printmaking. Even though the pandemic hit during the few semesters that I had left, I was able to enjoy my college experience and happily graduated from it.

Before officially joining Kode Digital, I was an intern there for three months. During that period, I learnt what Digital Marketing was. Some time passed and Willy (my boss) decided to hire me as a full-time employee due to a shortage of designers.

So I joined the team.

While working here, I was able to explore new opportunities like designing more social media visuals, motion graphics visuals, billboard ads, brochures and much, much more.

Upcoming Future

While working in Kode Digital, I have also learned many things and hope to explore more even though it was unknown to me as it is a good learning experience and a way to gain new knowledge.

I am not certain what the future holds for me. For now, I plan to stick to what I have been doing and to keep my eyes open for new opportunities. The world is coming to rely on technology more and more every day, so I’m sure there will be a place for me.

And if not, graphic designers are always in demand.

I had overall a wonderful experience working here. Though confidence is my weak point sometimes, I try to work my best, even when it stresses me to no end.

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