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A Humble Beginning

I was a science stream student from high school until pre-university. I always thought that I would pursue science courses. Never in my life have I considered becoming a graphic or multimedia designer even though I have been quite an artistic person since I was a child. I learned I was talented in photography when I was 14I started researching the design industry and career after consulting a career counsellor. She convinced me I would thrive if I pursued a career in design. That’s when my journey started. My first ever design was a bookmark designed with Microsoft PowerPoint. I started using Photoshop & Adobe Creative Suites during my degree year. Later than everybody else, I felt left out. Everyone in my course had a diploma or was pursuing a double degree then.

Then here’s me starting to learn everything from zero. With limited skills at the time, I used everything I had to succeed in this journey. In my second year, I managed to get 1st Runner up in a Branding Competition for small industry entrepreneurs. I was proud and delighted by my own potential back then. I made a side hustle as a freelance designer and photographer to enhance my skills. My clients started from my small circle of friends and families. Marketing myself on social media attracts some collaboration with digital companies. As a freelance designer and a student, I am glad to propose ideas and able to execute something that people love. It’s never too late to start. Now, I am sure this is the path I am meant to take.

The Chronicle of a Graphic Designer begins

“Designers are problem solvers”. That phrase was from my lecturer during my bachelors’ degree in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang. It has been embedded in my mind ever since. It has been my main reason for choosing to be a designer. With that aim in mind, I finally graduated with Barchelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Communications.

When people around me said that being a designer is a waste of time. “Underpaid job” or “You just draw things and makes things pretty” they said. But I think otherwise. Design is so powerful, and it can change the world, but people barely realize that. If people see how important it is, they will value this career path.

My most memorable design problem that I encounter, is during my internship programme. My first achievement may not be big to anyone else, but it is to me. I treasure that memory. Unlike many of my friends who interned at advertising, design or marketing agencies, I was not very fortunate. I went to a local western restaurant for my internship.

That’s when I saw it.

There are countless things that I can change and improve there. To solve their problems. I started my project to rebrand their restaurant. Now, they already have 5 branches around Kedah and Penang using my design. They even got to collaborate with celebrities.

I am so proud of that.

I feel that their success is my success too. Whenever I went there, I can’t help to say “Yes, I did that.” Apart from that, I also started improving my video editing skills, documentation and content creation.

After almost a year of working in the design industry, there were many ups and downs. Its certainly not as easy as you expect. I learnt from countless failures, made new connections and pushed myself to master new skills, including website design and development using WordPress. Starting from zero, with limited time and supervision, I succeeded in designing and building two e-commerce websites for my clients. It may not seem like a big achievement to some people, but for me it’s important to celebrate your success even if it‘s small. From that small step, you can achieve something beyond.

My Future Dream

Like everyone else, I want a comfortable life, doing something that I love and being with people I care about, which is my family. Basically, a simple life. That’s my dream. As I write this, I’ve already work with Kode Digital for a month and a half, which is not a very long time. But in that short period of time, I noticed that I worked with talented and amazing people. It made me realized that there are many more things to explore to thrive in what I do. I learn to work as a team, brainstorm ideas, value each other’s opinions and don’t be afraid to ask when you don’t know something. Getting accepted to be part of this team is undoubtedly something that I am grateful for. Currently, I am still figuring things out on what I can do with my skills and talent. I want to give back to others. There are lots of things that I want to achieve. It will be a long list if I write it down. Overall, I can see myself growing with Kode and hopefully creating great achievements and a future together.

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