The Difference Between Template vs Custom Made Websites

The Difference Between Template vs Custom Made Websites

by sarran        June 18, 2020

Have you decided on setting up a website for your business yet? Once you have settled on the choice to proceed onward, there’s one question that you’ll probably come across, “Should I go with a customizable website or template-based website for my business? Which type of website is suitable for my business to reach out to my customers?” Let's discuss what are the differences between Templates and Customizable Websites. Each option has their own pros and cons and serves a different purpose for different types of business. Here, we will list down all the pros and cons of each option to assist you make the best option for your business considering your budget, time, technical skills and requirements.



Template websites

Template websites exist based on the simple principle that people want to set up their own website easily and conveniently at a lower cost without the need to hire a professional. However, these template sites come at a cost in terms of website functions and limitations. There are several functional limitations such as customized forms or e-Commerce functionalities that are not readily available for template websites. Examples of these template building websites are Wix, Squarespace, site123 or jimdo that provide a theme and allow you to customize the selected website templates within their limited scope.

Another thing to consider when thinking about your website is how responsive your website can be and how usable it is for your customers on the mobile platform. In today’s generation, we’re more mobile than ever. We’re constantly on the move and the way we digest information has now shifted to the mobile platform. So if audiences are accessing websites more via mobile, you will need to consider if your website is adapted to the mobile platform. This is what we mean by “responsive”. Where your website can respond to the different platforms it’s being loaded on.

One final thing to consider is your page load speed. As most of these template websites, they come with built-in features that may cause your website to load slower than what it should be, and this could affect your SEO performance. If you’re new to websites and don’t know what SEO is, you can read up on our post – All you need to know about SEO – to get an idea. These are a few things to consider when you decide on which option is the best for your business. To make it simpler for you, we have summarized in points the Pros and Cons of using Templates below.

Suitable if you have a low budget Same designed template can be used by other business
Low cost development Limitation on customizing your site
Shorter development time May not 100% work responsively on all devices
Any custom or added technologies are not easily added.
Lack of a support system compared to custom-built sites



Customizable Websites

Customizable websites are basically websites that have been custom built to your specifications based on your business needs and nature. This normally involves engaging with a professional website development team who will understand your business nature, goals, and objectives before designing and developing a website suited just for your business. Going with this option usually means, you can leave the technical part to professionals while you focus on how you want your customers to interact with your business online and how you want to market yourself online.

Customizable websites normally take longer to build but they save you time and effort down the line when you are looking to expand your functions, features, or designs. SEO plays a big role in the success of any website, so the optimization of the site during creation is integral to allow google and other search engines to read each page more conveniently and to give the end user a more relevant search result.

The main attraction for people choosing customizable websites is due to the design element. Our clients have mostly gone with customizable websites because every business has their own branding and character, and they want to stand out by having a website that is uniquely catered to them. The design and functions are made to be responsive on different platforms as they are custom built for that purpose.

Another reason our clients choose customizable websites is because they are in need of special functions and features to meet their business purpose which are readily available on templated websites. These features are normally custom created or sourced from plugins if you’re using a Content Management System. These allow you to seamlessly integrate your online website with your business process to produce the same outcome or even making it more efficient. A few things to consider when thinking about customizable websites are:

  1. How do you want or need your website to function?
  2. Are you looking to have your website and brand stand out?
  3. Who are your target audiences and how do they interact with your business?

Website with unique design that will incorporate the company’s branding The process to create a custom site takes longer than a template site
Customized websites are more expensive than a template Limitation on customizing your site
Customized websites are tested to work across all browsers
The site will be built to be search engine friendly
Development support for the website


Comparison between Templates and Customizable Website

Template Website Customizable Website
green-tick savemoney-icon Save Time red-box
green-tick savecost-icon Save Cost red-box
red-box udesign-icon Unique design green-tick
red-box seo-icon Built-in-SEO green-tick
red-box resposive-icon Responsive Layout green-tick
red-box comneed-icon Company’s Needs Easily Adapted green-tick
red-box develop-icon Developer Team Support green-tick

Does this article help you with your decision on finally building a website for your business? Feel free to explore the templated sites available on the market but should you feel you want a customized website designed for your business, you can always get in touch with our team for a consultation of whether a customized website is the best option for you.

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