Learn and become a digital marketing expert from some of the best online courses in the world.

Developing new skills takes time, effort, and proper guidance. With the widespread adoption of online learning, professional education, courses, and curriculum have become abundantly accessible to anyone with a stable Internet connection. (Additionally, check out these digital marketing trends for 2024

With it, anyone can become an expert in anything. One example of a field that is both easy and beneficial to break into is digital marketing: one of the most sought-after and enterprising fields of expertise today. There are many online sites and resources to teach a person how to become a digital marketer, but only a few are worth investing time – and sometimes money – into.

Here are five websites and services that offer digital marketing courses and what these courses entail.

1) Google Digital

Google has become one of the world’s largest digital platforms and search engines, so it stands to reason that the company has a few tricks and trade secrets to share. The Google Digital Garage is a platform for digital learning and skill development created by the company. It provides courses and training in line with the requirements of well-known institutions and companies, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe, FutureLearn, and Google itself.

The digital marketing course offered by Google Digital contains 26 modules created by Google Trainers and is designed for beginners with little to no experience in digital marketing. It takes an estimated 40 hours to complete the digital marketing course, which is free. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate recognised by several academic bodies, such as the IAB and The Open University.

Google Digital offers (arguably) one of the best value online digital marketing courses thus far, offering training and skill development from one of the most extensive digital information and networking companies in the world, and all for free. Google Digital’s digital marketing certification will also benefit anyone looking to enter the field, as it lends credibility to your skills and employability.

2) Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is an online wealth of knowledge created by some truly genius people, including courses and lessons on digital marketing for anyone looking to improve their skills. Specifically, the digital marketing courses on Hubspot are promoted as designed for marketing managers, content marketers and students looking for an introduction to digital marketing.

The course offered by Hubspot is more compressed than most others, encapsulating 9 lessons that take approximately 4:27 hours to complete. Despite this, the course teaches people to perform simple digital marketing tasks, such as optimising websites for search engines (SEO), creating non-paid strategies to build and grow a following and developing ad strategies for a targeted audience. Furthermore, this course can be taken for free and comes with a valid certificate that can be added to your resume.

This course is suitable for people looking to quickly learn the most critical aspects of digital marketing to put it into practice as soon as possible. The lessons in this course can be taken in any order and come with several videos to help break down and explain each segment. Aside from this, there are still many other courses and skill development options on Hubspot, some of them still related to digital marketing.

3) ClickMinded

While finding a free online digital marketing course or training is possible, some options often require paid access. The online marketing classes offered by ClickMinded are the first paid training courses on this list, and for a good reason.

ClickMinded has 7 digital marketing courses designed for marketing agencies, consultants, small business owners and marketing teams. The digital marketing course is locked behind a one-time fee between $997 – $4,997, with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Once paid, You can do the course on your own time and, upon completion, unlock a digital marketing certificate.

While the price for its course can be pretty steep, ClickMinded makes its courses worth its value by providing clear instructions and qualified lecturers to teach you how to break into the industry. ClickMinded’s reputation also speaks for itself, as its courses are trusted and reviewed by more than 50,000 marketers, including people from Grammarly, Unicef and Microsoft. As such, you can trust that the courses provided by ClickMinded help you get results.

4) Reliablesoft Academy

Who better to teach digital marketing than the people that live by it? Made by the Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Agency, the Reliablesoft Academy provides a comprehensive training programme for digital marketing that can help experienced, and new digital marketers improve their traffic and sales in 60 days or less.

The Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Course is a paid training programme bundle worth USD 600 but, when bought in a bundle, is discounted to $119. The programme contains 10 courses that cover 33 subjects and are regularly updated with free content, lessons on the workings of Google and Facebook ads, and the basics of digital marketing. Completing the course also unlocks certifications in SEO Specialisation and Digital Marketing, recognised by many digital information companies.

The courses are designed to make their content easy to understand and can be practised from anywhere and at any time. More than 6000 people have taken the courses provided in the bundle and have reviewed them positively. As such, it is fair to say that Reliablesoft’s digital marketing programme is a fair and reasonable purchase for those looking to excel in digital marketing.

5) Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course

When you want to learn about digital marketing but don’t know where to start, it is often advised to go big to ensure you don’t miss anything important. Udemy has you covered with its Complete Digital Marketing Course, which includes lessons from digital marketing strategies to data analytics.

Access to the course is purchased for RM449.90 and includes 12 courses, 22.5 hours of streamable video lessons and 8 downloadable resources. This is a one-time purchase for lifetime access, and is designed for upstart businesses and website owners looking to grow their businesses. You can take the course at any time and from any point in its content. The course comes with a certificate of completion for those looking to improve their employability.

This course is one of Udemy’s bestselling programmes. The content can help anyone learn how to plan a digital marketing strategy, even if you have no prior experience. The system has been taken and reviewed by more than 150,000 people and is trusted by companies such as Nasdaq. The guarantee of employability with this course’s certificate more than makes up for the price.

A New Frontier With New Opportunities

Digital marketing is in high demand today and a relatively new industry with plenty of opportunities and new ground to break. Despite this (or perhaps because of it) digital marketing is quite easy to learn and understand, with plenty of places to study. Whether you are looking for a new job or just improving your employability, digital marketing is a qualification and skill you do not want to miss out on to make the most of the current economic landscape.

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