What you need to know about Meta’s most important business tool.

One of the central functions of Meta Business Suite is the ability to correlate the data of social media post activity and user engagement. This way, businesses can find and analyse their social media data in one convenient place. If you’re new to Facebook Meta, click here to learn how to set up Meta Business Suite.

Enter Meta Insights: Meta’s one-stop shop for analysing raw data and statistics.

Meta Insights is a tool for Meta users that helps digital marketers and business owners learn more about their target audience to deliver tailored and meaningful content and messages that can make a difference in the business. This includes aggregated information about geography, demographics, purchase behaviour and more.

For people looking to start – or take their business – to Meta, Meta Insights is an invaluable feature on the platform to streamline the analytical and strategic process. To understand the usefulness of Meta Insights, here are 5 features that every Meta business owner should know.

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1) Meta Insight Key Metrics Graphs

There are few more effective ways of studying trends or analysing data than by plotting it on a graph. Meta Insights takes the hassle out of collecting data and generating a graph by doing it for you. Its programs and algorithms extract the necessary data and statistics to plot it as a simple line graph so you can track its growth or decline over an extended period.

This is useful for business owners to understand the effectiveness of different marketing strategies and track the progress or growth of specific projects or their business.

The data that Meta Insights can generate as graphs include:

  • New Likes/Unlikes
  • Page Fans
  • Page Impressions
  • Page Engagement Rate
  • Page Stories
  • Page Views
  • People Engaged
  • Post Clicks
  • Post Impressions
  • Post Reach
  • Total Reach

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2) Measuring Success Through Like, Comment and Share insights

Often, the most empirical way to measure a marketing campaign or strategy’s ‘success’ or growth is by analysing the rate and growth of engagement and interaction with posts made to a page. Across both Meta and Instagram, this engagement takes the form of Likes, Comments and Shares. Cumulatively, this indicates how often users are willing to engage with a post or page based on its content or to give it a reaction.

With Meta Insights, users and businesses can track the growth of their online presence based on how many of these engagement ‘points’ their posts have gathered over time. Furthermore, they can draw understanding and connections from these posts about the content that will garner audience interest and engagement and what posts they should make for a specific type of engagement.

This benefits the growth of a business or brand on Meta, as it helps users understand what they need to do for post shares, an objectively useful form of engagement for business growth.

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3) Audience Insights Overview Is Underrated

Though usually overlooked, the value and usefulness of Meta Insights ‘Overview’ page cannot be understated. Insights’ Overview is the primary tool for businesses using Meta and Instagram. It includes three crucial functions to growing a business: Page Summary, Most Recent Posts and Pages to Watch.

The ability to quickly review your page’s statistics and the statistics of your most recent posts is useful for social media marketers to get a sense of their marketing efforts and the page’s success at a glance. These summaries are optimised and specifically displayed in the most efficient way possible to give page managers a quick understanding of the growth of their page.

The ‘Pages to Watch’ section of the Overview page is a unique feature of Meta Insights that recommends similar pages on Meta that might interest social media analysts. These include close competitors, news pages relevant to your business, and top-performing pages within the same industry. 

It is recommended that Meta Insights users make full use of this feature. Reviewing competitors and the marketing strategies of other pages may be useful in expanding your knowledge or learning what works.

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4) Optimise with Meta Insights’ Post Reach

The effective reach of individual posts can be viewed and tracked with Insights. This allows Meta users to understand better what works within the context of the algorithm and how they could refine their content to have a greater Meta reach.

Insights provide a detailed breakdown of a page’s posts’ effective reach. With it, a user can see the cumulative total reach of the page and if this was obtained organically or through paid advertisements. 

This indicates how well a post is suited to making full use of Meta’s recommendations, as posts that reach more people organically are tailored to the search engine. At the same time, paid ads have a more direct – yet costly – approach to growth.

In addition, the post reach feature also helps to track and analyse the amount of engagement a post receives. The more engaging the post is, the more likely it is that Meta’s algorithm will recommend it to others. 

This comes in the form of tracking the positive (likes, comments and shares) feedback received and the negative (hides, reports, and unlikes) feedback to form a clear understanding of the general response to the post. With enough data, Meta users can compare the results of different posts to optimise their marketing strategy better and grow their page efficiently.

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5) Benchmarking Your Success

When reviewing the performance of a business, it is important to understand how far the business has come and how far it still has to go. Meta Insights helps simplify this process with its Benchmarking feature, a way to compare your business page’s metric performance against others within the same Meta category.

The categories your business falls under can be changed anytime, but the parameters they provide create clear guidelines for which pages to be compared against. These comparisons are often based on peers with similar organic reach to you and generate an overall ranking that compares where your page ranks against the 25th, 50th and 75th percentile of Meta peers. In addition, the feature also allows you to create a list of businesses you want to track and compare against to set a milestone for how you want your business to grow on the platform.

Though it does not provide an objective answer as to how well your page is doing to support the business, Meta Insights Benchmarking helps to create a clear understanding of how your social marketing strategy compares to the other pages on the platform. This gives digital marketers a benchmark to work towards to surpass their competitors in terms of content and follower rates. In that sense, Benchmarking has the potential to grant Meta users a competitive edge if they refer to it less as a standard of business performance and more as a calculation of how active their page should be.

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Practicing What We Preach

Kode Digital uses Meta Insights on a regular basis to help clients improve their social media strategies and performance. At Kode, we believe digital marketing plays an integral part in the success or failure of a modern business.

One such client is Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn. Bhd.; their aim is to be a market-leading hardware supplier, as well as modernize their business with this ever-changing online landscape, whilst upholding their traditional operations when it comes to serving customers. The first step of this procedure was to change the client’s approach to social media marketing.

As a client of Kode Digital, Tan Eng Hin received an upgrade to the quality of their social media content and product ads. Kode has intimate knowledge of Meta Insights through our Meta Business Partnership, and knows how to use Insights’ data analytics to benefit our clients. With it, we were able to design a better social media marketing strategy for them to capitalize on their larger target audience. In the last 3 months alone, the client has seen a 100% increase in messaging conversations and 3.5K% more messaging connections.

Learn more about how we helped them here.

Meta Paves The Way For The Future of Digital Marketing

As Meta continues to expand the scope of its services and networking, the landscape for growing a business digitally or establishing an online presence becomes more enticing. In the sea of businesses, independents and companies trying to grow a substantial online presence, these tools have become necessary to get an edge over the competition.

While not the be-all end-all digital marketing solution, these Meta Insights features allow enterprising digital marketers and business owners to understand the feedback and data better. With this knowledge, a digital marketer could build a better social media network to support their growing business.

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