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What is Digital Marketing & How It Can Help Your usiness?

by kode_admin        February 22, 2019

Sales and marketing have come a long way since the humble beginnings of trying to present your brand, goods or services in a certain way to attract more customers compared to your competition. In today’s era, marketing has been transformed into a multitude of techniques – all with the same goals, to gain a competitive edge against your competition and to attract the right market.

Marketing has now diverged into mainly two forms: direct and digital. Simply put, direct marketing targets mass market through the use of physical marketing materials to communicate with consumers, whereas, digital marketing is the promotion of a brand, product, and services through digital channels such as social media, emails and search engines.

Let’s take a deeper look into Digital Marketing. We start by asking ourselves what is Digital Marketing?

We know that Digital Marketing is the way a brand communicates with its consumers via digital means, but how and why? In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is on the internet and we mean EVERYONE. Even if you don’t feel the need for your business to be digital, you are still surrounded by people who are connected to the web.


So, what does this mean for you?

If you’re a business owner, it means that there is a vast untapped market that is unaware of you, your brand or the services you provide. The growth of a business can be limited to the local market available to you. As good as your product or service is, there will be a finite amount of reach that you can have in your local market. By accessing the digital market, you’ll be able to reach and share your company’s value to the public without being limited to the local vicinity market. This article isn’t to say or claim that other forms of traditional marketing are ineffective, it’s to educate the public the difference between the two.


How are they different you ask?

Direct marketing, in definition, is the form of advertising where a company creates brand awareness to the mass market. The keyword here is MASS market. This is generally done through physical marketing materials such as brochures, catalogue, fliers, TV advertising and billboard marketing to name a few. The only variable in common they all have is location. Brochures, catalogues and fliers are distributed at selected locations within the market. TV advertising is limited to the local channel within a region, state or country. Billboards are targeting specific locations where there is heavy traffic.


So, what makes Digital Marketing different?

The one factor that makes the biggest difference between the two is the INTERNET. The internet is a giant global network where people share information with one another. This creates an opportunity for businesses to promote their brand globally and break the limit of market saturation. According to the internet world stats, there are 3.2 billion people that have access to the internet and this number is growing with the economic development of countries worldwide. According to research by PewSearch, constant internet usage among adults has increased 5% over the last 3 years.


Why should businesses consider Digital Marketing?

Because Digital Marketing has been proven to be the most cost-effective way to engage with your consumers by promoting your brand to the right market. The internet is a treasure trove of data and in today’s data-driven world, businesses can leverage that data to their advantage. Say you understand what kind of customers you normally get. You understand the general age, ethnic background, spending potential and family structure of your consumers from your local market. Now, let’s take that information and use to find similarly grouped consumers outside of your local market and promote your product or services to them. This form of targeted marketing means that less money is spent advertising to a group of consumers that are less likely to be interested in your product or services.

So, you ask yourself, “Should I start digitally marketing my business?”

If your reading this article, chances are your business is doing well and has simply outgrown the local market. Perhaps, your business is struggling in the saturated market full of competition and you’re looking for a competitive edge. Digital marketing is a huge platform ranging from social media marketing, email marketing, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Search Engine Marketing and more.

Where you do to start?

You start one step at a time. Understand the platforms available to you and where you should focus your resources to. Digital marketing, like any form of marketing, is all about strategy. Start by asking yourself who your customers are, where can you find them and then how you can reach them.

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