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by ivonne        April 10, 2020

Which Video Conferencing tools are you using?

The demand for video conferencing tools has never been greater if not to the current outbreak of COVID-19 that has made all of us work from home.

It’s not just large conferences that have been affected in the wake of COVID-19, small concentrated meetings among business teams and clients based around the world were affected too.

Companies who do not have a budget set aside for a shift to video would evolve easier, however, if you are ready to make a shift to video but your budget isn’t, here is a chart of the best video conferencing tools and their differences for your reference and future considerations.

Google Hangouts Meet Zoom Skype Whatsapp
Free option No Yes Yes Yes
Monthly price $6-$25 per user Premium : $0 -$19.99 per host Premium : $0 – $12.50/mo. Per User Free
Maximum participants Up to 250 with Enterprise Up to 1000 with Enterprise Up to 250 with Business Participants Up to 4 Participants
Participants need to pay? No No No No
Time Limit No time limit 45 Minutes 4 Hours No time limit
Supported platforms Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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