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Top 5 Trending Website Design 2019

by kode_admin        March 28, 2019

With your website up and running, your business can now direct online traffic to your digital store. If you’ve missed out on our previous article, click on this link to see how a website can help you and your business. Having a website is but only one aspect of digital business. How your audiences interact with your website can be a determining factor for converting your newly found traffic into customers. That’s where website design plays an important role in your website’s user experience. Today, we’ll share with you the latest website design trends and tips that will help improve your user experience.


Minimalist Design

This is where the long term principle of KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) comes in handy. It’s the latest trend in website design these days. The idea of a minimalist design provides a simple and user-friendly user interface for your customers to easily navigate through your website. Here’s where another abbreviation of KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) comes in handle. Ensure that your content is short, simple and to the point so that you may use images to highlight the products/services you offer. With our current generation having less and less attention span, directing your user’s attention to your product/services is integral in capturing their attention. This is where a minimalistic website design comes in handy.


Curve Design

With technology becoming more mobile, we’re forced to adapt our designs to accommodate the mobile platform. The latest trend inborn from mobile design is having a curvature design. Big players like Google have recently, in the past 3 years, been implementing a curve design to their website. This could extend from graphics to design elements of a website or even the fonts used on the websites itself. The subtle nature of curvy design gives a sense of relaxed modern creativity to your brand.


The bold and sharp edge

Now, just because the recent trend leans towards the curvature style design, that doesn’t mean that the linear designs are out of fashion. This honestly comes down to personal preference and which design suits your business best. A bold and sharp design creates a lasting impression on your users. These kind of designs are great for brands and businesses that are trying to stick out. Just remember to keep it simple as these kinds of designs can quite often be overwhelming.


Matte Colors

Recent design trends haves has leaned towards using subtle colours such as matte or pastel colours. They say colours draw the emotion out of us, so the use of subtle colours can help keep your users engaged while keeping them relaxed. Try a few combinations of colours and see if they align with your brand.


Black and white

Depending on the type of business, using a black and white theme for websites has been around for ages. This type of design gives off a minimalistic feel to your website. This kind of design is great for websites that constantly share contents as less design work is required. However, keep in mind that colours play a major role in capturing attention, so when possible, add a bit of colour to keep your website lively.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good understanding of how you’d like to have your website designed. If you are having a hard time choosing the right design for yourself, get in touch with us and our design experts will guide you on your journey. If you like this article, you will love our other articles so check us out at code digital.expert. If you haven’t already, follow us on our social media and stay tuned to tips and tricks on all things digital.

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