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V Studio Optometry

V Studio Optometry is a family eye care centre founded in 2019 by both great friends in a small town, Perlis, the smallest in Malaysia. With 15 combined years of experience registered under Malaysian Optical Council (MOC) and 4 years of optometry degree course, V Studio aims to provide a comprehensive eye examination to access their customer’s eye prescription and the overall health condition of their eyes while ensuring that their customers receive the best eye wear available through their wide range of frame, sunglasses, lenses and contact lenses.
With hopes of expanding their business throughout Malaysia, Kode Digital Experts Services has assisted our client to develop a modern, yet minimalist style design e-commerce platform aligned with their brand identity. We have added a promotion slider into their homepage to attract potential customers about our client’s latest promotions as well an Instagram Feed feature to showcase their attractive products when worn as well as promotions. With a wide variety of services offered by our client, we have included a Service Page in the site, consisting of all services that customers would look up for. Shopping for contact lens with V Studio is so easy as customers can select their preferred colour, power, and other attributes of their lens before adding them to cart. When an order or payment has been made through Billplz, an email will be sent to the admin. Our client’s website is synced to their Facebook page and with this, their Facebook followers can always shop on their Facebook page and checkout via their website.

Other than that, we have created a promotion coupon generation function that would automatically help our clients generate a coupon with coupon codes to their customers when customers meet their promo criteria. This brings much convenience to our client as they do not have to manually produce coupons for their customers. Customers will also be receiving display messages, encouraging them to spend a certain amount to unlock more discounts.

Lastly, we have implemented GDEX shipping that links to our client’s website. Hence, whenever our client creates a shipment order through their website, the order will be automatically added into their GDEX account.