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The Kazan Dessert’s Branding

Kazan is the very first international chain of Japanese inspired dessert in Queensbay Mall, Penang originally from The Volcano, Chiang Mai, the world’s first maker of pocket cheese toast. Kazan’s hero products are their pocket toast. But they aren’t just toast. Kazan spoils their customers with their different flavours of toast like stretchable Cheese, Cream and Fruits. Not just that, they serve ice beverages and slurpees in a variety of flavours, as well as other milk-based desserts.

To spread the love of cheese and buttery goodness in Malaysia, Kode Digital Experts Services have assisted our client at producing eye-catching design artworks for our client’s social media posts, Facebook cover page, seasonal logos and other traditional media designs too like uniform, t-shirt, bandana, name card, TV menu, printout menu, road bunting, leaflet, poster, email signature, email invitation, paper bag, napkin and food packaging.


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