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Saffron Store’s Website

Saffron Store is an e-commerce platform based in Melbourne, Australia selling the best quality of Persian saffron threads since 2011. As saffron is known as the king of all spices with its world-renowned exotic flavour and aromatic perfume, it is used in most international food cuisines, beverages, medication and cosmetics. To educate more food lovers on the existence of this exotic condiment and for saffron lovers to be able to purchase pure quality saffron at a reasonable price, Kode Digital Experts Services has helped Saffron Store create an e-commerce platform. We have added a Facebook chat bot on the site to allow Saffron Store to engage with their page visitors and have been updating Saffron Store’s website design from time to time, keeping it up to trend and more user-friendly.

We have developed a back-end stock management on the website where Saffron Store can easily track the order histories of customers who have made their orders through social media, print customer’s order details to place on shipments, an automatic email enquiring customer’s review, create coupon promotions, select different product prices based on locations, integrate product feeds with Ebay, system for Saffron Store’s customer to subscribe to their newsletters as well as conduct payment method through PayPal, Express Checkout, or Credit Card, instalment payments through the Afterpay Gateway and payments with Bitcoin- Saffron Store is the first store in the Saffron industry to allow Bitcoin payments. Lastly, we have assisted Saffron Store since 2015.