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Saffron Store is an e-commerce platform based in Melbourne, Australia selling the best quality of Persian saffron threads since 2011. As saffron is known as the king of all spices with its world-renowned exotic flavour and aromatic perfume, it is used in most international food cuisines, beverages, medication and cosmetics.

To educate more food lovers on the existence of this exotic condiment and for saffron lovers to be able to purchase pure quality saffron at a reasonable price, Kode Digital Experts Services has helped Saffron Store in social media marketing by managing their social media accounts-Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest by planning and strategizing contents for their social media calendar, running social media ads, copywriting for blogs, and undertaking artwork projects as well. We have also assisted our client at synchronizing their e-commerce shop products with their Facebook Shop. Lastly, we have assisted Saffron Store since 2015.

One of the most remarkable campaign that we did was the ‘Saffron Gin’ campaign. Through this campaign, we have introduced a different way of using saffron. We have created a few recipes throughout the 3 months. The recipes use simple ingredients and can be easily made at home.