Prodynamic Care NDIS Website main image


Prodynamic Care NDIS Website

Prodynamic Care provide NDIS services to people across Victoria, Australia. The brand identity is very colourful and it’s interesting to use the colours to separate the sections. We used different colours in different sections of the website. For example, purple represents NDIS so in the NDIS page, we have used only purple throughout the page. In services page, we used their primary colour blue. So when the users browse on their website they will be able to tell that they landed on different page of the website. We have also added some hover animations to make them more engaging with the users.

By default, headings like H2 and H3 usually have smaller font, between 24px – 30px but for this website, we have used 36px to emphasize on the heading and to make them more appealing to users.

We used different icons to represent different values and services. Icons make users relate to the content better.