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ITD World – Intranet Plugin

ITD World is a group of talent and leadership development experts founded since 1984 to develop and enrich the lives of leaders through training, action learning, coaching, mentoring, consulting, competency certification and seminars.

Kode Digital Experts Services has helped ITD World with their intranet by creating an internal system for their employees to perform their daily task such as the punch in and out clock, schedule events and add onto employees’ calendar, leave management system, add and edit certification programmes, track customers and organizations and generate invoices. We have also developed different page access for leaders of multiple user roles depending on their departments like financial department, human resource department, centre-admin, and admin.

Throughout the 7 month period, our Koders have worked very closely with ITD World’s IT team to ensure the project meets the timeline. A lot of testing was required throughout the project to ensure it can run smoothly by the multinational company’s staff. The project was released to the selected staff three months before the launch date to do usability and cross browser testing. There are a few types of users are involved during the testing process: tech savvy ones, non tech savvy ones, seniors and etc. We have to ensure the interface of the intranet meets their brand guideline and at the same time have contrast in colours and have readable font so it can be used by all age groups.

We have also created a training site, which is a replicate of the live intranet for training purposes. The staff can use the training site to mock a few tasks before performing any task on the live intranet.