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As our client, Eastern Corridor rebranded their current project, Lake Point Residence at Cyberjaya with elements of Feng Shui, we have assisted them at revamping their website, making it more user friendly and well aligned with their brand identity. We started off with a website flow, ensuring that the website consists of important information of the business as well as more call to action (CTA) buttons for potential buyers to contact our client. With the new elements of Feng Shui added to our client’s brand, we have assisted the design of their website by adding some curve lines to represent the Feng Shui elements of Water and Wind.

Besides that, Kode Digital has created a popup banner on our client’s home page to attract their page visitors to register, leaving no confusion for potential buyers to explore on how to register. As potential buyers register and make an enquiry, their contact will be automatically sent to our client.

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