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Dumond Education is an education expert with nearly 50 years’ of chalk face teaching experience in a range of countries, school contexts and position. Dumond Education aims to provide creative yet useful and flexible English language educational resources, games, and activities to enable parents/teachers to support the learning and development of their child/children in the class. The key features of Dumond Education’s resources are comprehensive instructions and guides with detailed tips, ideas, and information about how the products are designed to support a variety of learning outcomes.

We recently revamped their website to make it more visually appealing to their target audiences, who are mostly parents and adults who want to learn English. The original website is more content heavy than the usual website. We had to restructure the entire website to make it easier for the users to navigate between pages and find the information they need. We have used serif fontface ‘Chicken Pie’ and ‘Core Sans Gothic’ to make the website more fun to look at, but at the same time readable. We used a lot of classroom elements to bring out the fun identity of Dumond Education. To make the website design consistent, we used the same banner for all the subpages and a slightly different one for their recent campaign, The Big Chat Campaign to give it a differentiator. Most of the buttons throughout the website are changed to doodle shapes.