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Dumond Education is an education expert with nearly 50 years’ of chalk face teaching experience in a range of countries, school contexts and position. Dumond Education aims to provide creative yet useful and flexible English language educational resources, games, and activities to enable parents/teachers to support the learning and development of their child/children in the class. The key features of Dumond Education’s resources are comprehensive instructions and guides with detailed tips, ideas, and information about how the products are designed to support a variety of learning outcomes.

Kode Digital Experts helped the client in creating brand awareness and promoting their products to their international target audiences. Their target audiences are parents with kids and adults who wish to learn English. Teachers who want to promote English can also make use of their interactive products to let their students learn English while playing games in the classrooms.

They have a marketing team to post on their social media daily but they also need us to brainstorm more creative content for them to promote their products. We do not wish to hard sell their product in every posts so we have mixed some tips or jokes to make people learn English in a fun way.

In their shop, they have free and paid products. Some people can buy the printable version of their products so they can save on the shipping fee. During lockdown in most countries, they offered some of their products for free to encourage learning from home. It was a challenge for us to run ads on Facebook because the ad activity in Facebook slowed down during that period. Too many businesses were focusing on advertising their products and services digitally but Facebook did not have enough resources to monitor all the ads. There were a lot of limitations to run ads. Facebook did not want to spam their users with too much ads. The cost per reach became very expensive but due to the promotion, we manage to get a lot of customers for their products.