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Dumond Education Product Photography

Dumond Education is an education expert with nearly 50 years’ of chalk face teaching experience in a range of countries, school contexts and position. Dumond Education aims to provide useful and flexible English language educational resources, games, and activities to enable parents/teachers to support the learning and development of their child/children in the class. The key features of Dumond Education’s resources are comprehensive instructions and guides with detailed tips, ideas, and information about how the products are designed to support a variety of learning outcomes.

Kode Digital has assisted Dumond Education with product photography as well as the postproduction designs for traditional media such as producing 70 phonograms of flashcards that were also printed on cloths, and banners. Product photography was a great challenge for our team as the project was taken place during the lockdown of Covid-19. During that period, we have brainstormed several ideas and platforms to showcase the products as well as searching for a suitable indoor location to conduct several shootings.

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