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Aureo Gallery’s Social Media

Aureo Gallery is a prestigious art gallery that promotes and features the works of art by unique artists of modern times. Their goal is to create an international digital presence as they branch their business across international borders to promote their artists.

Kode Digital has assisted our client’s social media marketing in aspects of content planning, managing social media platforms and copywriting for social media posts to educate Aureo Gallery’s audience on the importance of escalating their assets with gold arts. A lot of research has been done by our team throughout the month in planning the content calendar to provide the most accurate and updated information to all the art lovers.

The most challenging task for us is to find and create content related to gold. Therefore, to constantly provide fresh content, we usually rotate the topics that interest art lovers:

  • History of art
  • Story of the world’s only 24K gold artist – Kim Il Tae
  • Other gold artist in the world
  • Upcoming major art exhibitions
  • Gold art aesthetic at home
  • Art as investment