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Influencer Marketing 2021: 4 Tips to Kickstart Your Campaign

by ivonne        October 23, 2020

C’mon, admit it. We bet at some point of your internet journey, you had that Adblocker installed or considered, didn’t you? And yes, most definitely your audience had one too. Did you know that according to Forbes, 47% of users are blocking ads? That would mean almost half of paid advertising messages will never reach your audiences. But the advertising power is now shifting, INFLUENCERS are now filling up the gap. Social media users are not blocking images or videos from their favourite social media celebrities.

According to Business Insider, the influencer marketing industry is expected to hit $15 billion by 2022. Now that you have a better idea of the industry skyrocketing, achieving a high ROI is DEFINITELY possible if your campaigns are done correctly! So, let’s get right into it with Kode Digital’s 4 tips.





There are no other social media platforms that are cost-saving while delivering better reach and engagement compared to Instagram. We have YouTube and TikTok but none of these platforms unseats Instagram. At least 79% of brands have been tapping into Instagram. If you are thinking about YouTube, that is a larger financial investment which has its benefits. We recently wrote about an article on Video marketing strategies for starters that you can check out. Be prepared to add more zeros…

If you are thinking about TikTok, here is a comparison of the differences between Instagram and TikTok.

Platform Instagram TikTok
Targeting options Able to control more specific demographics
– age, gender, location, interest as well as other call to actions like click through to shopping links.
Only allows targeting for geographical areas. It is an ideal platform for brand awareness.
Target audience Instagram covers audience age 18-35 which is older compared to TikTok and this is extremely important if you are considering sales conversions. TikTok has a younger group of audience age 18-24 to build a relationship with.
  • Utilize image and video
  • Feed, 15seconds video, stories and IGTV
  • Videos up to 60 seconds only
  • Various editing tools and songs to create narrative stories. Perfect to deliver a creative message and build brand awareness.
Result Has proven its potential for successful influencer campaigns. Newer platform compared to Instagram in the market with potential that is yet to be fully discovered.

So, which platform will you be considering?




MICRO influencers are no longer underestimated

Brands are now going after micro-influencers, public figure with 10K to 100K followers with a particular niche to build a strong connection with their audience. If you have a purpose over popularity with a specific niche of audience, you will find success pairing with micro-influencers that delivers content that is tuned for the persona. It is still possible for macro-influencers with figure 100K or more to align with a niche. With a higher number of followers, macro-influencers are great partnerships for expanding your brand awareness as they bring in a higher number of impressions. The charges for macro-influencers are definitely higher due to their added value. However, their engagement is likely to be lower compared to micro-influencers due to their wider and mixed audience.
An excellent influencer strategy is to mix both micro and macro influencers, however leaning more towards micro-influencers to gain the best of both worlds. With both micro and macro influencers, you can then compare both metric responses and gradually improve your brand.

On a side note, today’s brands are prioritizing longer partnership with more authentic influencers. So, choose your influencers wisely. Be sure to do your research before reaching out.



Types of influencer marketing campaign

Which campaigns will you be setting up to reach your goals? There are at least more than 10 marketing goals. Here are three main campaign types of influencer campaigns you should explore.

Brand Awareness
Create visually appealing content and post them consistently.
Traffic & Sales
Create Instagram stories with links. Make use of Blogs and YouTube for SEO, branding, and long-term user-generated content.
User-Generated Content
Be creative and authentic in your content. Your goal is to create content that naturally looks inexpensive.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Ambassador Program
  • Product Reviews
  • Content Creation
  • How-to videos
  • App Downloads
  • Follower Growth
  • Product Sales
  • Site Traffic
  • SEO
  • List Building
  • Storytelling
  • Content Creation
  • Ad Content + video



Freedom to express

Give your influencers their freedom to express themselves in the content they share. Audiences today are smart at differentiating real reviews and paid ads. As soon as an ad appears, the audience loses interest quickly and clicks away. As humans, we like to read or hear real stories from other beings to trust a product. Therefore, provide your influencers their freedom to communicate the greatness of your product to your audiences authentically. Just be sure to have your influencers mention your brand’s name as well as a brand hashtag in their caption. Bouncing back to your goal again!



Which influencer is suitable for your campaign?

It is never too early to talk about your influencer marketing campaigns in 2021.
Planning, strategizing, enticing your influencers and monitoring your campaigns. Yes… a whole lot of work.

Authentic | Viral | Impactful | Captivating & ROI-driven
It’s how Kode Digital taps brands into the industry’s future.

The world and economy is evolving, so we have to be adapting every day. Are you interested to try this new form of marketing or is this too much trouble for you to work on your own? Get in touch with us and we’ll do all the hard work for you. Consultation is free. 😉

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