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by kode_admin        March 15, 2019

In our previous article, we discussed the importance of social media marketing, and how it can help with your business growth. Today’s market is getting more competitive by the day and to stay relevant, most businesses these days have to adapt to the digital environment with an online presence. We’ve covered on how to strategize for social media marketing, now it’s time think about how you will have to channel and direct all the traffic/leads collected from your digital marketing strategies and convert them into sales.

“Why do I need a website?” you ask?

Well, for one thing, having a digital marketing plan is very similar to having a marketing plan. Once you’ve executed your marketing strategy, your next step is to convert the newly found leads into sales. Having a website is very much like having an online “store”. Think of them as digital avenues for your potential customers to complete their transactions. Let’s face it, some of your target audience might not have access to your physical store or business location, so having a digital “store” gives today’s generation easy access to your products or services. A website is multi-purpose allowing you not only to transact with your customers but also to provide them with valuable information on your products or services.

What are the benefits of having a website?

You are probably looking this question on Google right now, and here you’ll find the answers.


Google Search

First of all, there are over 40,000 search queries every second, which is about 3.5 million searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year according to internet’s live stats on the traffic for people google searches. Even with the world sharing information at their fingertips on social media, people still tend to go on search engines like Google and research their queries. With a website, you’ll be able to direct those searches and traffic from social media marketing to your digital store.



Skip Physical marketing and brochure

With your own website, you can skip the physical marketing and brochure, your website can be used as your portfolio. Everything from your products or your company’s vision and mission can be included on your website. It is where the public can access your profile and understand what kind of service you provide. You have the opportunity to educate your customer on how to use your products.



Show yourself on search engines

Search engines are a marvel, they allow us to find any information we’d like at the tip of our fingers. However, with the way search engines work, they do not show social media contents and accounts as those mostly kept by the social media party themselves. Only certain public information like Facebook stores will appear on search engines. Having a website can help you bypass this conundrum and give you access to a whole new market. Gone are the old days of having a mascot in front of your store direct customers to your location. Now you have a search engine that’ll do the work for you. If you don’t own a website, chances are your competitors are feeling gratitude for all the traffic they’re getting online.



Means of communication

Websites also give you to communicate with your potential customers without having physical engagement. How often do we walk into a store to just browse and research on some stuff to later feel pressured because of an aggressive sales person helping you out? Having an online store helps with those on the fence buyers that are not ready yet but will be at their own pace. The business barrier between customer is reduced significantly.



24/7 online store

A huge advantage that websites have over physical stores is that they’re operating 24/7 (as long as you keep your domain name and hosting updated). No need for a business hour sign, here you can have access to your customers anytime, anywhere without the need to hire people to man the store for the dreaded night shift. This creates convenience for your customers to make a purchase at their own time. With chatbots becoming a trend, you could even have customer service 24/7.

So, how do you own a website?

Here are a few key things to note if you’re looking to build a website.

Pick a domain name

What is a domain name? Well, it’s basically your business’s digital address. It’s how people can find you online by entering your address. A domain name usually mirrors the business’s name, this creates cohesive branding across your business, both physical and digital.  Ensure that you’re using the same naming convention as your social media to keep it all connected. This will ensure your visibility on searches can be easily found by your customers.

To register a domain, you must find a service provider and pay a fee to use the domain name. A great site for this is GoDaddy where you search available domain names. Keep in mind that the domain name you want might be taken, so you’ll have to find one that suits your business specific to your country and industry.




So, if a domain name is your address, then hosting is like the land that your business will be built on. It’s like you are renting a place for your digital store. There are plenty of hosting providers out there and they’re not crazy expensive if you do your research right. There are tons of packages on offer, but make sure you select one that’s sufficient for your needs. It’s always advisable to pick a local hosting provider when possible as it’ll reduce the load time for someone to access your website.



Developing your website

Now you have your domain and hosting settled, it’s time for you to develop your website. First, prepare the contents that you want to show to your customers. It can be your business portfolio or just information on the products itself. The best way to go about it would be to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Understand what they want to see on your website and how they can reach you. Good website design will create an impression on your customers on your brand. The usability of your website will affect your customer’s experience. Keep your designs simple and user-friendly to keep your customers coming back. Hiring a professional designer and copywriter will increase the likeability of your website.

Once you’ve got all these settled, you’re on your way to owning a website and having a digital presence for your business. It’s time for you to announce on your social media that you have a website up and running.

Hopefully, with the tips and tricks mentioned above, you’ll have a good idea of why it is important for you to own a website and how you can go about developing one. If all these sounds intimidating to you, get in touch with us and our friendly web development team will help you build the website that’ll be perfect for your business.

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