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Here’s How You Can Increase Your Followers

by ivonne        June 20, 2019

Planning to increase your followers and make the audience perceive that you have a mass of fans? Well, we are telling you it is not about the followers. Followers usually give off the impression that your brand is popular but what you really need is conversion. Conversion means people who are willing to actually transact with your business. Unless you are an influencer that’s accumulating massive followings to gain sponsorship opportunities, followers generally don’t contribute to the bottom line of your business. Usually, “fake” followers are bots that are being created using scripts which will not give you any interaction to your social activity. So now we’re going to tell you what is the best solution for you to increase your followers and engagement.

Are your brands on social media?

First of all, to make sure you can create a loyal following of customers, you need to ensure that you’re on the social media platform that your customers are on. Gary Vee, the digital marketing influencer and expert, suggests that your brand needs to be in every social media platform if you want your product or service to reach more people. Everyone has their own preferred social media platform. Some of the people tend to gravitate towards Facebook while others prefer Instagram. Then there are other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Vero, a relatively new social media platform currently marketing itself platform free form advertisements, data mining and algorithms. To maximize your social appearance and leave an online footprint, try to register for as many relevant platforms as possible. One tip is to try to be consistent on your brand image or name handle in every social media platform.


Update Your social media

Now you are on every platform, the next key factor is to stay active. There isn’t a point if you are on every social platform but the account is inactive. If the huge amount of social media accounts is overwhelming you, you can use applications like Hootsuite to manage your social platform. Hootsuite is a platform itself to manage other social media platforms which can be quite helpful when you have more than a few accounts to manage. Strategize your posts to ensure that you are able to engage with your customers. You want them to interact with you as much as your interacting with them. If you have a good track record on your social activity and audience engagement, the platform itself will start to recognize your popularity and will even help promote your page by suggesting your content to a new audience that might be interested in your content. Why would they want to suggest your page? It is mutually beneficial because if your engagement levels with your customers are high, they tend to stay on your page longer and in turn, stay on the platform longer. It then becomes a win-win situation for both. The social media platforms just want you to be in their ecosystem.


Strategize your promotion

If there’s one thing that you should take away from this article, is that you’ll need to strategize your promotions and you can do this by understanding your target market and the kind of products that they’re likely to purchase. For example, if you were selling dessert and you understood that your target market is usually within the age demographic of 20-25 which consist highly of college or university student, so you could offer a student discount between selected periods or exclusively for certain products. This will help you draw additional traffic from your target market and convert them into revenue. If you’re not identifying your target market and offering them the product or services they want, then you’ve simply not optimized your marketing budget and expenditure. Try figuring out the 4Ps for your product which is people, product, promotion, and price. Check this article where we explain what the 4Ps are.

Of course, if you’re coming into the market with a brand new product, your approach might be brand awareness or educating the consumers on your product. So if this is the situation, you’ll have to allocate a marketing budget to raise awareness and potentially find out the right target market for your products.


Share your promotion

Now that you have your promotion ready, it’s time for you to let everyone know about it. A free option for promoting your product would be to share it with the relevant groups or community pages, (you know like the tens of groups you’re in). Don’t be shy in promoting your product, go to every group that might be interested in your product and gently share your promotion post. Keep in mind not to go overboard, give them the awareness that your product is available in the market without constantly spamming the page with the same post everyday. Another strategy is for you to create your own community and invite people to follow your group or community. This will give a good perception of your company towards your customers. People like to be in a group that gives them a sense of belonging over a mutual interest.



Giveaways are a great way to attract followers and engagement. Running a giveaway can be inexpensive and cost-effective in doing marketing. Recently we have seen plenty of social media brands offering their customers discounts or giving away premium prizes such as a smartphone. If you can’t afford to do a big promotion, a small promotion such as giving away one of your products for free will start drawing attention to your page and brand. These deals will be perceived by the audience viewing it as a great deal. Everybody loves a great deal. A simple promotion like “Share this to your friends and comment below to win a whole cake” will get you tonnes of exposure.


Your take!

If you’re a corporate company or small business looking to grow your digital footprint, don’t buy followers as it won’t do you much to help your bottom line plus it will look bad for your Instagram. Having 1 million followers but only like a thousand likes. People will usually catch on that you’re followers aren’t really interested in your content. Instead, try these tips from us if you want to get more exposure or let us do the work for you so you can wait for us to upload more information like this.

There will always be new ways to strategize your digital branding, so we’ll try our best to keep you updated on the trends. If you like this article, you will love our other articles, check us out at KodeDigital.Expert. If you haven’t already, follow us on our social media and stay tuned to tips and tricks on all things digital.

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