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Expanding Your Brick-and-mortar Store into E-Commerce

by Audrea Ooi        April 1, 2020

Are you ready to bring your brick-and-mortar store into the world of e-commerce?

Incorporating online medium to complement your brick-and-mortar stores are a fundamental addition to your brand and can make a significant impact on your growth, and with the possibilities of cost-effective solutions and insightful platforms, it’s now easier than ever to get started.

Why exactly is e-commerce important for your business?

Store representatives used to be the front line of the buying process, but these days, consumers prefer to make buying decisions without the assistance of a store representative. Often because a purchase first starts with online research then visit to the physical store to make a purchase, or conversely a purchase may begin with a shopper assessing the product in-store but making the purchase online. Moreover, with the predominance of digital devices, consumers can conduct their online research and price comparisons before making a visit to the store.

But how can a business navigate this experience and maximize your resources? How do you integrate your physical store into the world of online shopping with maximum efficiency?

Let’s get started.


Selling Your Products on Social Media or Third-Party Platform

Provided that most people generally search for businesses on the internet, your business should consider creating an online presence as well. You should at least have a Facebook page containing your address and contact information, as well as a short description of your product or service offerings.

If you have decided to sell your products or services online, you can begin by setting up a Facebook, or selling through Lazada as a third party, it is all pretty simple and serve as a cost-effective way to get into online sales.



Create a User-friendly Website

It is essential for a business to setup a website as an online store is vital to transitioning a retailer online effectively. It is indeed the platform for your business to manage customer transactions and it also offers you the capability to make money while you sleep since online store is open for 24/7. Online store is not just a place for shoppers to search and acquire goods; it is also one of the most effective assets you need for developing and expanding your brand both online and offline.



Focus on customer satisfaction

Whether or not you have an online presence, the greatest way to compete with online stores is to construct long-term relationships with your customers by offering exceptional customer service. Customers like the sense of familiarity. Being called by their first name, getting a welcoming interaction with store representative, earning personalized service and believing their desires are being met are certainly ways to keep your customers coming back. For instance, a decent store representative in a clothing store can be exceptionally helpful to a customer by giving assistance on fitting, sizing, appearance, matching, care and maintenance on clothing. Without any customer support or the ability to try on an item first, the only option for a shopper is making order of an item and hoping that it fits perfectly, otherwise sending it back by return shipment.



Aim for a unified customer experience

You probably discovered about omnichannel marketing, which is the idea of communicating with customers with a unified message, voice, and brand for your business across all channels, whether in-store, on your website or social media. It’s not easy to but is extremely effective when you get it right.

Begin with creating a deep understanding of your customers’ demands and desires. Then, develop consistent branding, messaging and service benchmarks across your digital and physical assets and ensuring your marketing is all aligned. The last piece of the puzzle is to make sure your staffs are right on track of how you want them to deal with customers, accumulate emails and advertise your cross-platform marketing campaigns.



Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a remarkable tool for any digital brand, especially on ecommerce businesses since it enables brands to communicate directly with leads or customers using the data accumulated from their physical and online store.

According to Christine Soeun Choi from Volusion, she mentioned that while many brands tend to neglect email in favour of other popular channels like social media, the value per dollar spent on email continues to overshadow most industries. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that the ROI of email marketing for ecommerce is approximately 3,800%.

For example, if you are giving out 5% off on your products or services, creating an insightful email marketing strategy can help you drives more sales. If you are building an email strategy, remember not to neglect leads as most ecommerce platforms will gather emails from customers who purchase their products – but, what about visitors who are yet to make purchase after viewing the product?

Adding conversion points through pop-ups, sidebars or gated content is a great way to develop an email lead list of potential customers.

Besides, with the ability to retarget customers with the products they have formerly shown interest in, businesses can boost sales by showing ads of the right products to the right customer, at the right time.


The rise of ecommerce and integrated purchasing solutions has made it ever more challenging for retailers to persist with only a brick-and-mortar store. Thus, many of these retailers are integrating online with their physical store.

Take a look at Tesco Malaysia, one of the largest global retailers of general merchandise and grocery has also ventured into e-commerce, having the presences in Lazada & 11street, available via HappyFresh besides its own online store. This has proven that ecommerce has become crucially valuable for a business to sustain their place and stay competitive while cutting the costs of operations and increasing profitability. It has created revolutions in the form of operations of organizations, and this has endorsed 21st century in being known for its automated economy.

Interested in integrating your physical retail with ecommerce?

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