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Eight Amazing Tips For Content Creation

by ivonne        April 19, 2019

Five tips for content creation

Coming out with content is not hard but creating consistent content for people to engage with can be challenging as it generally takes time to create. Whether you are a small or big corporation these guidelines will help you in creating the best possible contents for your audience.



Know your audience

The best kind of materials you can produce depends on understanding your audiences’ perception. Get to know your audience, understand what they want. See the content as if you were the audience. Question yourself like,” Will I like the content or share it with my friends?” “Is this content good for me to engage with?”. There are multiple ways that you can use to understand what your audiences’ interests are. One way is to identify the interests of the people who are already following you. This usually means that they enjoy the content that you’ve been producing. One of the tools that you can see your audience interest is by using Facebook Insight. It will provide you with the interest, age, location of your audience. This insight will help you create content that suits their interests. Remember, don’t make assumptions but instead use the tools provided for you to create better content.



Latest news and updates for the best content creation

Please don’t be reluctant to follow your competitor or even bigger corporation that has been doing well. They might have insight into the latest news in the industry. Your competitor might also be following you. In today’s market, information is priceless, those who get the information first will have more engagement with the audience. Be up to date not only what is relevant to you, but different industry or the news as well. Let say your selling mobile phones online, get the latest news, innovation or just security update on the devices. You have to know every information there is on your products. By having all this information, it can be realised in your content, and you will see that there will be more engagement because people generally keep themselves updated with information that will be beneficial for them.



Find your voice

Depend on the kind of brand of your business, you’ll have to find the right voice for you to communicate with your audience. For example, a luxury brand might not use terms such as “Hey guys check out our artwork” but instead keeps it formal and affluential by using phrases like “ Be mesmerised with our artwork”. Finding your voice is still based on our number 1 tip which is knowing your audience. Your products also have their own voice. By knowing your audience and products your content will be more natural easily crafted. Understand whether you are selling a premium product or standard product. If you can’t find your voice, again it’s okay to see how your competitor is doing it. Don’t follow their exact footsteps, but there is no harm following the same direction and deriving your content based on theirs. Copycat marketing 101 by Burke Hedge says every company is following each other but it is a matter of derivation.



Use examples

Give your audience examples, not everyone knows about your products or the kind of  services that you provide. Giving examples or testimonials to your audience, it will make things real and relatable to your audience. Give an amplified description of your products, let say you’re selling cookies, describe it as you are eating it, describe it as crunchy, sweet, double chocolate goodness, melt in your tongue. Use adjectives to emphasise your words even more.



Converse about your customer

Convey to your customers about your products, about how they can solve daily problems. If you talk about yourself, you will lose the opportunity to engage with them that you have understood their needs. If you want to say something about yourself, make sure that your content involves the audience, for example : –

  1. We are the best in digital marketing and we can help your business.
  2. We have helped our clients increase up to 20% or their sales, and we believe could do the same for your business.

The first caption is only talking about your business, but the following caption is more descriptive and you are highlighting to your audience on how you have helped the company. People also like statistics show your number to gain more attention. When talking to an audience, think like the audience. When you do this, the audience will be more happy to contact you and ask for your products or services.

Post Consistently

Social media platform and internet search rewards pages with consistent activities. They will rank your page or webpage higher if they detect regular activities. The more content you have out there, the more traffic you’ll attract to your website. Content marketing can be quite tedious with the amount of time you’ll have to spend on researching the right topics and then crafting the content. However, posting content regularly is definitely to be noticed by search engines and its also a form of free advertisement to direct traffic into your website. It’s similar in principle to brands offering samples in superstores. You’ll try their sample and ultimately be aware of their brand.

Update your audience insight

Now you have done most of the tips above, you will be seeing more engagement and probably new followers to your page. So with new followers coming in always go to step number 1, get to know your audience. Do not be afraid of trying a new type of post, it will be riskier but your existing audience might like it and may even attract new kinds of audience.

Improve your content creation skills

Even the professionals have to keep improving. Do your research and read books to help you find more ways of writing styles and help you overcome common mistakes like grammar or overwriting. Get the latest trend of communicating to your audience because different age groups have different ways of consuming information. Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to being a professional copywriter.

Your take!

Copywriting is easy, but it takes time to craft it. It is vital that you know your products and audience. Without proper insight, you might just be wasting your time and effort in doing your content because all content creators want people to engage with their content. Remember to be in your audience’s shoes, if you don’t like it perhaps your audience might not as well.

There will always be new ways to strategize your digital branding, so we’ll try our best to keep you updated on the trends. If you like this article, you will love our other articles, check us out at KodeDigital.Expert. If you haven’t already, follow us on our social media and stay tuned to tips and tricks on all things digital.

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