Digital Branding & How It Can Help Your Business

by Audrea Ooi        April 12, 2019

For any business, branding is the key to ensuring your business stands out and how memorable your brand is to your audience. If you’re thinking about taking your business online or simply growing your digital business even more, digital branding is something that must be taken into consideration. A business is not only about the product, it’s about what your business as a brand represents. Take Apple for example, their digital branding is more than just about their digital devices, people who buy Apple devices are making a statement about themselves saying they share the same ideals of being innovative and creative like Apple. How you market your brand speaks volumes to your customers, and in this article we will discuss Digital Branding for your business.

What is branding and why is it important?

Branding is what distinguishes you from other businesses. It is a symbol that you want people to remember so they can keep on consuming your products or service. It is what makes your brand memorable to your customers. We are in an era where branding can be the difference of your business’s success. Simply put, if your customers don’t know your brand or remember your brand, you’ll have a hard time getting them to buy your products or services. Branding can build trust between you and your audience. Having a great brand can drive new business in and increase your audience reach.

So, what is digital branding?

Digital branding, in essence, shares the same principal as branding but on a digital scale. Adopting the same principal, digital branding is more inclined towards how you position your brand online.  It is a combination of internet branding and digital marketing across the Internet.

There are many ways that you can develop your brand online such as selecting the right domain name to match your business, having social media handles, creating your own social tags and hashtags. For example, coca-cola used hashtag #ShareACoke to boost their campaign and brand. The hashtag not only includes their brand name but also has Call-to-Action directly in the hashtag to tell people to spread their brand even more.


Did you notice that bigger corporations have different brands online? Some brands are also exclusive for online business only!

How do you pick your digital brand?

When it comes to brand image, there are millions of ways that you could come up with but make sure that is in line with your company’s products and services. It used to be easier to stand out against your competition because there were fewer brands online, but nowadays the competition has really picked up and you have to really figure out the best name and image that will make your business stand out online. For example, our own brand, Kode Digital Experts Services, easily relates our brand to the type of services that we provide. Brand name gives your audience an initial idea of what your business is, so choose your brand wisely.

Keep it short and simple (KISS)

We’ve been emphasizing KISS in most of our recent articles. Complexity makes our brains work harder. So, for the audience to easily digest your brand, keep it short and simple. We noticed also that two to four syllable brand names would work better than a longer brand name. Here are a few examples:

  1. Facebook
  2. The Verge
  3. Instagram
  4. Kode Digital
  5. Lazada
  6. Amazon

Even though most of the brands above include none keywords in them, they have established their brand so that they are memorable and easy to recall. For the growing businesses out there, you can also come up with a cool name but keep in mind that advertising is needed to reach the audience.

How to choose social media handles?

Name handle or social tags need to be consistent across all social media platforms as it will probably be more work for you if your handles vary from platform to platform. For example, you’re using on Facebook, so other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube have to follow the same format. This will help your social media online presence by making it convenient for your customers easily search you on different platforms. For example, a Facebook customer who knows your handle might easily look your business up on Instagram with the same handle. The next question to ask is do you have to be in all of these platforms? Well, yes and no. Yes, if you have the manpower to manage all of your social media, having an active social media is better than an idle social media because your audience group needs to be constantly updated or educated on your offerings. Our previous article also mentioned the importance for a business to be active in order to rank higher in social media.

Why should you spend on advertising budgets?

We mention that digital brand is a combination of internet branding and advertising, so now you have your digital brand in place, it’s time for you to advertise yourself online. Remember, if you want to make money, you must spend money. Marketing is something that most of the new business forgets to budget for. These social media and internet platform rely on advertisements to make money. If you allocate no budget for advertising, the social media platform would not give you the reach you want. For example, Facebook will limit a reach to the direct network or followers of a business page and those who share the post or page. Whereas, if you spent an amount on advertising, Facebook will help you reach the target audience of your choosing. While inviting your friend to like your page is a good start, you will want to have a bigger audience to follow your brand. With generation Y and Millenials all on social media, your potential market is limited to people’s access to the Internet.

Your Take

Remember to pick a brand name you are passionate about so you will be more energized in putting your effort in building this business. Pick something that will keep you motivated and resonate with your personal values. Keywords in your digital brand could help you increase a brand’s reach but, as mentioned, it’s unnecessary for you to include a keyword in your brand name. Ensuring brand consistency across all online platforms is another thing you need to keep in mind. Lastly, to make your online business grow, ensure that you allocate a budget for advertising, be it social media ads or google ads, it’ll definitely help you boost your online presence.

There will always a new way to strategize your digital branding, so we’ll try our best to keep you updated on the trends. If you like this article, you will love our other articles, check us out at If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and stay tuned to tips and tricks on all things digital.

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