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uCare iCare

Empowering Lives with Trusted NDIS Provider

uCare iCare Consulting is established to assist Aged Care and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers with business setup, policies and procedures, staff training and to become NDIS audit-ready. uCare iCare Consulting is a group of consultants, auditors, allied health, and registered nurses that have been working in the community, Aged care and the Disability sector for several years. uCare iCare Consulting is a national company with a team of associates that allows uCare iCare Consulting to provide NDIS support in all Australian states and territories.

How We Help?

  • Content Marketing
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  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

Our compassionate collaboration with uCare iCare began when uCare iCare was determined to build their brand presence online, to connect and be a reliable support for all fellow Australians who are in need of a helping hand due to their permanent disability. Besides that, learning about NDIS, NDIS services and how they can be helpful for fellow Australians with a disability can at times be too overwhelming. uCare iCare aims to guide and educate fellow NDIS participants on the support NDIS participants are entitled to live an empowering and fulfilling life through the NDIS services at uCare iCare.

How We Helped

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Website Design & Development

uCare iCare Consulting consists of two websites: NDIS Consultation and NDIS Services. To assist uCare iCare Consulting at selling their packages to sole traders and businesses who are interested in becoming an NDIS provider, Kode Digital Experts Services has assisted our client with their website by designing a website flow, ensuring that the website is user-friendly for page visitors. Besides that, we have simplified the checkout process of the website by directing buyers to the Checkout page without visiting the Cart page. Kode Digital has also supported our client by inserting a contact form in every web page for page visitors to get a personalized quote for each custom package or other business-related enquiries.

When it comes to the uCare iCare Services website, we have worked closely with uCare iCare to deliver an informative yet engaging website design to showcase of uCare iCare’s best NDIS services. We enhance uCare iCare’s website with eye-catching images and important buttons such as contact information and online forms to ensure that page visitors can easily reach out to uCare iCare for support.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good SEO attracts more traffic and provides better opportunities to convert potential customers. When a website is optimized, the website has better metrics such as bounce rate and time on page and Google helps rank the page. Therefore, to improve uCare iCare’s SEO, our team of experts conduct monthly audits to analyze and collect data on the behaviour and key metrics of the uCare iCare’s web page – the number of unique page visitors, average time on page, page speed. Our team will then conduct thorough keyword research and ideally use them to produce value-rich blog content for uCare iCare’s website as well as conducting research for quality backlinks directories and guest blogging.

Content Marketing

As we craft SEO blogs for uCare iCare, we ensure that all blogs are well optimized with related keywords, effective blog post title, internal linkings, unique content, the right headings and the perfect length of the article. Some of the insightful blogs to educate NDIS participants are ‘Which Therapeutic Support is Funded by the NDIS?’, “NDIS Support Coordination: What Is It & How It Helps?’

The Outcome

SEO rankings do not happen overnight. With all efforts of research and optimization for uCare iCare website, we are glad that our team’s SEO approach for uCare iCare’s website is progressively improving and obtaining its high rank on Google, outperforming their competitors in the market.

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