Content & Website Development For An NDIS Provider For Young People

The Happy Human Hub

A Life Changing Registered NDIS Provider

The Happy Human Hub is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme) service provider in Australia with a team of professionals who are dedicated to supporting the privilege of individuals of special needs to obtain equal opportunities and services that would ultimately improve their lifestyle. The Happy Human Hub ensures that participants get the most out of their NDIS plan by connecting participants to the specific services they need and delivers a high standard quality assistance of best support, care and facilities daily at 24 hours and 7 days a week.


How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Seeking a helping hand can be overwhelming at times. The Happy Human Hub aims to bring awareness through their online presence with a website to encourage individuals of special needs or a close one with a special need to live a life they wish. To be brave, to dream big and to feel warmed and welcomed by The Happy Human Hub who will be a great lifetime support to all participants who are in need to obtain equal opportunities and services ranging from personal development, group activities or daily tasks to improve their lifestyle.

How We Helped

The Happy Human NDIS website mockup

Website Design & DevelopmentĀ 

With collaborative effort with The Happy Human Hub, Kode Digital was inspired to create a site that is built through an emotional connection with users on the website. Aside from easy navigation, we have created a more personal user experience to ensure that page visitors feel comfortable at browsing the site and designs that have been specifically chosen to elicit certain emotional responses. Components that are associated with emotional web design are images such as a group of happy people, the use of bright and exciting colours such as purple and green as well as the tone of voice.

Content WritingĀ 

Words deliver messages but the tone of voice dictates how a message is received. Information on The Happy Human Hub can be very sensitive to people who are caring for a closed one. Therefore, to ensure that page visitors feel connected and comfortable at reaching out to The Happy Human Hub, the Kode Digital team has attentively crafted content with an empathetic and encouraging tone of voice that expresses to page visitors that we truly understand and value their needs. Our write up was then followed up by Calls to Actions (CTAs) to ensure that page visitors receive the assistance they need at The Happy Human Hub.

The Outcome

The emotional presence that we have assisted The Happy Human Hub through website designs and the tone of content has not only assisted potential NDIS participants with easy navigation on essential information they need on the NDIS scheme, but most importantly a sense of comfort that is life changing.

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