Social Media Marketing Strategies & Services For Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd

Quality Hardware Tools & Renovation Under One Roof

Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd is the all-in-one family-owned hardware and home improvement store, who have served the Penang island community for several decades. Besides supplying hardware tools or building materials, they are experts in building, designing, renovating and decorating for customers. Their friendly team of staff members with broad knowledge on hardware items and home improvements are the reasons why Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd is the favourite choice within the community when it comes to supporting local hardware stores. Their decades-long experience has brought them numerous loyal customers who purchase high-quality products from them at a reasonable price whilst receiving good services.

How We Help?

  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

We are working with Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd to make them the market-leading hardware tools and products provider. Besides growing their in-store customers, they need our help to expand their customers base online via social media platforms and eCommerce official sites. Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd wishes to modernize their business for a boost in business with the help of this ever-changing online landscape, whilst upholding their decades-long of traditional operation when it comes to serving customers. In addition to levelling up their business, they came to us looking for social media postings that attract customers in a more creative way, at the same time, highlighting their high-quality products and services via their eCommerce site.

How We Helped

Tan Eng Hin Social Media Mockup

Social Media ManagementĀ 

Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd is our first client where we present social media postings and visuals in the Mandarin language as their customer base is mainly Chinese shoppers. We discover and experiment with different varieties of social media postings, such as Feng Shui tips and insights, to boost engagement among Chinese consumers. In order to highlight their relationship-driven operation and decades-long expertise, we created content on how their products will benefit the customers and how they can use them efficiently. Besides highlighting the company’s monthly bestsellers, we introduce the online audiences with DIY ideas, giving them a reason to visit the stores for some DIY tools at a reasonable price.

Website Design & DevelopmentĀ 

Our work with this client continues with eCommerce Website Development. We have combined a simple and elegant design in user-friendly web pages, presenting the company’s company product clearly for the eyes of potential customers. We have categorized hundreds of their high-quality products, accordingly, ensuring customers access easily to the products they need. The e-catalogue of their hardware tools and materials can be viewed with pictures attached clearly on their web pages. Besides, customers can buy with confidence as the e-Commerce official site we created for Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd comes with a secure payment gateway that ensures the highest security of all customers.

The Outcome

Summing up, Tan Eng Hin Hardware Sdn Bhd has successfully made their first appearance online and expanded their customer base from there. Via their official social media feeds, they are able to communicate with their target audiences regularly with the help of interesting posts for them to click the “share” button, alongside call-to-action phrases that lead customers to their whereabouts. Their eCommerce website has made it easy for potential customers who are unable to visit the physical store to purchase online and get their products on time and conveniently at their doorsteps.

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