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Southern Cross Church Supplies (SCCS) is an online shopping site that aims to provide the best range, quality, value and convenience for all Christian Church and religious needs in support of loving and prayerful lives. SCCS is based in Victoria, Australia, with distribution channels nationwide and products uniquely sourced from Italy, Ireland and America.

How We Help?

  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our partnership with Southern Cross Church Supplies (SCCS) began as a result of a previous project with deCastella Run. The client that originally commissioned us to develop the website for deCastella approached us again to help SCCS with brand enhancement and a website revamp. SCCS aims to increase their brand recognition among customers and create a strong brand positioning in the market with their unique services.

How We Helped

Smart mockup of laptop displaying Southern Cross Church Supplies' website

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital was motivated to rebrand SCCS’s website with an aim to provide them with a clean, simple, informative and professional design. Before, SCCS designed their website using WordPress eCommerce. This limited our website migration options, but we accomplished the task with the third-party tool Cart2Cart. This allowed us to develop a new website for the client while allowing the old site to continue operating until the new one was ready.

Once the new website was developed, Kode added functionality by integrating a delivery system with Retail Express POS (REX) and Stripe credit card payment for the general public and payment terms for account customers. One practical application of these functions was creating an interactive Easter ordering form. This form allowed customers to place orders and make payments online. In contrast, previously, the client accepted these orders by post mail.

With some assistance from the client to create and define the website’s content, we were able to make a website that suited the client’s needs, while also sporting a modern design that matched the client’s aesthetic.

Graphic Design

As part of their website development process, SCCS needed help modernising the visual elements on their website. Kode Digital was willing to help enhance some of the client’s images through Photoshop and provide general advice on the website’s imagery. This included helping the client select the right image to represent their products and aesthetic, as well as helping to choose a design style for their website.

Email Marketing

We have helped SCCS grow their brand significance through email marketing. Kode Digital has produced custom newsletters using MailChimp to update client customers on upcoming events and sales. We have also helped SCCS analyse insights and data through MailChimp, which has helped them to make better business decisions.

The Outcome

With Kode Digital’s help, SCCS now has an updated online presence that suits their needs and the needs of their customers. Kode’s involvement has helped to provide a more efficient way for the client to sell their products to their target audience. On a design level, Kode has helped to redesign SCCS’s website to be both modern and stylish, while keeping to the client’s aesthetic as a church supply service. With the website in operation, SCCS has an edge in attracting and retaining customers.

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