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Prodynamic Care

Building Trusting Relationships via NDIS

Prodynamic Care provides holistic National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services for people with disabilities across Victoria, Australia. They strive to enhance the overall wellbeing of individuals with disabilities through high-quality care, disability support and capacity building. All potential NDIS participants are encouraged to take full control of the services they received from the qualified and professional caregivers at Prodynamic Care. Their team is with the participants with disabilities every step of the way, making sure their disability needs are met on time.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Prodynamic Care wished to have an official website that comprises resources that serve and convert target audiences to become NDIS participants. They want to have their high-quality disability care and support services highlighted throughout the web pages. In addition, Prodynamic Care wants a site that is eye-catching yet doesn’t lose its presence, and that serves the NDIS community. We are asked to come up with web pages in different colours in order to differentiate different sections of the website.

How We Helped

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Website Design & Development

The brand identity of Prodynamic Care is very colourful, and it is interesting for the design team to use different colours to separate the sections throughout the website. For example, purple represents NDIS, so when it comes to the NDIS page, we used the colour purple on the particular page. Whereas on the services page, we used their primary colour of blue. Thus, when the users browse on the Prodynamic Care’s website, they will be able to tell that they landed on a different page of the website. Moreover, we have also added some hover animations to make them more engaging with the users. By default, headings like H2 and H3 usually have a smaller font, between 24px – 30px, but for this website, we have used 36px to emphasize the heading and to make them more appealing to users.

The Outcome

We help Prodynamic Care in making the complex simple for the potential site visitors or target audiences. We utilised different icons to represent different values and services as they are one of the key elements that make site visitors relate to the content better. In addition, we ensure clear pathways to accessible information by crafting a site that is simple to navigate. Prodynamic Care has a beautifully-designed website now that exceeds the expectations of site visitors, thus increasing their site engagement with this new website that leaves a good impression.

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