eCommerce Web Development & Content Writing For A Butcher in Australia

Prime Cuts Butchers

Hand-picked Meat & Poultry that Meet Every BBQ Cook-out Needs

Prime Cuts Butchers prides itself in putting freshness above all else, bringing 100% Halal-certified premium cuts of meat and poultry to the Victoria community. In addition, they source their meats of any kind locally and responsibly to ensure customers can get their hands on the freshest array of meat goods. Furthermore, their hand-picked specials allow customers to buy only specific parts of meat they need for any occasion. What’s more, Prime Cuts Butchers’ exclusive meat packs fulfil the needs of households who wish to have an opulent meal or host the best barbeque gatherings with closed ones.

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

Though Prime Cuts Butchers always come to mind amid the Victorian community when it comes to Halal-certified premium cuts of meat or poultry, they wish to serve the customers further with an e-Commerce site. As a result, our partnership with Prime Cuts Butchers kickstarted. They need our expertise in Website Design and Development, coming up with a new official e-Commerce website that showcases their rich collection of meats at their freshest quality. Also, they need our help in creative writing and fill up the spaces with relevant content for their new official e-Commerce website.

How We Helped

Content Writing

Through creative use of words and strategic CTA placements, we want to showcase what makes Prime Cuts Butchers different from other meat or poultry sellers in the vicinity of Victoria and beyond. With the power of words, we connect what Prime Cuts Butchers has to offer with site visitors who love a meal with the yummiest meat or someone who loves a barbeque cook-out. In addition, we have highlighted their unique selling points, such as their 100% Halal, Primesafe and SGS certification. As a result, there will be a higher chance of converting potential site audiences into loyal customers. 

Website Design & Development

This new e-Commerce website for Prime Cuts Butchers is well-designed with a rustic overall look with a touch of pink throughout the web pages. Furthermore, site visitors can easily allocate the “Online Shop” page if they wish to browse more meat goods. And when our client receives the orders, they will box up the goods nicely so customers can pick up their meats from the store in mere 2 hours. Apart from highlighting they are located within Williams Landing Shopping Centre right in the homepage banner, we have placed high-quality images on all three banners. Moreover, our team ensures the website responsiveness is at its best as it is a vital element for a better ordering experience among customers.

The Outcome

All in all, Prime Cuts Butchers can now serve customers beyond their physical store. Customers around Victoria can easily hunt for meat goods all from one web page via this new e-Commerce website from us. In addition, we have added a section designated to place customers’ comments and reviews. This will help tremendously in fostering trust among potential site audiences. Prime Cuts Butchers can now reach customers digitally via this website with straightforward content, organised sections and a visible main navigation menu.

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