Website Design & Development For An NDIS Provider in Victoria and NSW

Imara Health

Holistic NDIS Disability Supports

Imara Health is a National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) approved provider in Victoria and New South Wales. They believe that people who live with disabilities should live life to the fullest whilst being included, respected, valued, heard and seen as individuals with potential. Imara Health is keen to empower and support its NDIS participants with essential knowledge and skills so they can thrive beyond their homes and communities.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our partnership with Imara Health began when they requested us to revamp their official website that was used merely for online registration and enquiries. They want an upgraded site with more information without swaying away from their vision and mission that drives their team forward. Imara Health is interested in having a hub for potential NDIS participants so they can explore what Imara Health has to offer when it comes to disability support.

How We Helped

Imara Health websited design mockup

Website Design & Development

We serve Imara Health with our high-quality Website Design & Development, providing this client with a user-friendly website that is easy to use among their potential NDIS participants. Our design team utilizes their vibrant brand colours and created an appealing overall website look with some line elements as background to differentiate the sections. Furthermore, the website must be readable for people with special needs and the images used on the website should not be offensive to the target audiences. We ensure the navigation is clear at the top left corner of the website, and the footer should display their contact details.

The Outcome

Our consideration of the target audiences of Imara Health ensures we crafted a website with clear navigation and imagery. As a matter of fact, the images or pictures used on their latest website should not be offensive among target audiences. We support our clients with a website that exudes professionalism, thus increasing their trustworthiness and reliability for site visitors. Calls to action (CTAs) buttons are clear for the clicks ensures site visitors get to use the official site as easily as possible, avoiding difficulties when it comes to finding the right information.

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