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GMV Enterprises

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GMV Enterprises is a boutique printing service in Melbourne specializing in corporate training materials like manuals, binders, agendas, name badges, wall charts, posters, banners, brochures and flyers as well as capabilities in storage and distribution. Not only serving large corporations, GMV Enterprises has served design firms, local merchants and individuals in Australia, South East Asia and Middle East. Kode Digital Experts Services has helped GMV Enterprises to create a website to educate their potential customers about the services and merchandises that they provide as well as reaching out to more international clients.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

Our partnership with GMV Enterprise began when GMV Enterprise needed a brand enhancement, and a website revamp for their brand. GMV Enterprise aims to increase their brand recognition among customers and create a strong brand positioning in the market with their unique services.

How We Helped

Smart mockup of computer monitor displaying GMV Enterprise's website

Website Design & Development

Kode Digital was motivated to rebrand GMV Enterprise’s website to provide them with a clean, simple, informative, straightforward and professional design. Hence, we have included relevant images on business and success as well as icons to beautify GMV Enterprise’s website and build credibility to attract visitors to stay longer on the page. With some assistance from the client to create and define the website’s content, we were able to make a website that suited the client’s needs while also sporting a modern design that matched the client’s aesthetic.

The Outcome

With Kode Digital’s help, GMV Enterprise now has an active online presence that suits their needs and the needs of their customers. Functional contact details and links provide site visitors with a means of contacting the client, and detailed service descriptions display the options that customers can choose from. With the website in operation, GMV Enterprise has an edge in attracting and retaining customers.

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