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Elite Community Care

Strive To Provide A Person-Centred NDIS Care

Elite Community Care is a leading NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) service provider that delivers personalized assistance and care services to people with disabilities from all parts of Victoria, Australia. With an in mind to assist them with a fair go at living their life to the fullest in their way, Elite Community Care puts aside their disabilities, supporting them mentally and physically with the help of group activities as well as community programmes.

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

We are requested to build an informative website for Elite Community Care that anticipates a broad online presence intended for the disabled community in Victoria. They wish to stand out from other NDIS Service Providers in Victoria with the help of our content writings embedded in every webpage. They want a fresh website that will elevate their overall official website for their targeted site visitors and present their care services in a well-organised way. In order to take their potential participants’ trust to the next level, the website delivers an overall message about what matters to Elite Community Care, putting their utmost importance on the NDIS participants and their caregivers.

How We Helped

Elite Community Care NDIS website mockup

Website Design & Development 

We worked together with Elite Community Care in producing the best user experience to their official website that will effectively resonate with their targeted site audiences. Besides constructing straightforward site navigation, we filled the web pages with simple icons and related visuals that connect to potential participants. With our proven experiences in the website design process, this new website grants a seamless online experience their site audiences need whilst building their confidence to enquire for more information. The complexity of the NDIS is somewhat overwhelming for some people, and for this reason, basic contact information and an online form is installed for potential participants to engage with Elite Community Care.

Content Writing 

We pride ourselves in creating easy-to-understand write-ups when it comes to the complex scheme provided by the NDIS, presenting a good focal point on the care services available in Elite Community Care. Besides capturing potential participants’ attention on the care services given by Elite Community Care, the goal was to generate content that portrays a professional image and reflects their positive, welcoming culture. All the calls to action (CTAs) on this website lead to basic information such as contact numbers and email addresses.

The Outcome

First impressions matter. We effectively take the site visitors through a simplistic visual journey with clean website design and professional content writing. The overall website conveys and speaks the core values of Elite Community Care, making this NDIS Service Provider a person-centred community that will help participants with disabilities to break barriers and live an independent life. With a glance at this new website, site visitors will be guided directly to the best care solutions 24/7.

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