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Donum Dei

The Best NDIS Provider For Individuals Of Special Needs And Their Loved Ones

Donum Dei believes that people of all abilities should have the opportunity to pursue their goals in life. Therefore, as a leading NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and Aged Care service provider, Donum Dei aims to offer Australians with special needs a comprehensive care that is both respectful and compassionate. Donum Dei tailors their services towards each individual’s specific needs, and they are well delivered by Donum Dei’s highly experienced and friendly team.

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

A joint effort between Kode Digital and Donum Dei began when Donum Dei decided to support their participants with disabilities by getting the best out of their NDIS plan and to stand as one of the best NDIS providers in Australia. In order to educate potential participants or their close ones with a wide range of services at Donum Dei and to be a reliable source for participants with disabilities to fulfil their dreams, Donum Dei has seeked the help of Kode Digital to build an informative website to eventually help Donum Dei’s potential participants and their close ones gain a better understanding of the NDIS services at a Donum Dei and to easily reach out for Donum Dei’s great assistance.

How We Helped

Donum Dei NDIS website mockup

Website Design & Development 

When it comes to delivering the best informative website for Donum Dei, Kode Digital has worked closely with Donum Dei to ensure that not only does the website consist of relevant information but functionalities on the website with images and designs that makes page visitors feel comfortable while browsing for important information on the site. Therefore, we ensured that the navigation of Donum Dei is easy and user friendly for all page visitors as well as equipped with essential buttons such as online forms and contact information for page visitors to engage with Donum Dei.

Content Writing 

Donum Dei delivers a range of services that may look overwhelming to potential participants or their close ones, especially a care that may last a lifetime. Therefore, we have taken some time to carefully digest the complexity of the NDIS scheme to deliver an overall content that is simple for page visitors to understand and most importantly feeling comfortable at reaching out to Donum Dei for a helping hand with the well placed Call to Action buttons available on each webpage.

The Outcome

It takes 7 seconds to capture the average visitor’s attention and to keep them on the site. An information site on Donum Dei is not the only key to its performance. Design plays a huge role in converting the visitor into a client. Hence, Kode Digital has successfully incorporated both elements – a wonderfully designed website packed with information to greatly enhance the outward perception of Donum Dei.

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