Website Design & Development For A Fun Run in Australia

The deCastella Run

Supporting the Indigenous Marathon Foundation

The deCastella Run is one of Melbourne’s longest fun runs since 1981. It’s an annual historic community event with world marathon champion Robert de Castella in Melbourne, Victoria. The Australian heritage event is an all levels of fitness with race entry of 5km, 10km and 15km. De Castella Run is proudly supporting fundraising for the indigenous marathon foundation, a health promotion charity that trains annually Indigenous Australians for the New York City Marathon. By the time they cross the finish line, their lives have changed forever, as they become inspirational role models.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development

Our Challenges & Goals

The collaborative journey between Kode Digital and deCastella Run started out when deCastella Run was determined to promote their yearly event online with hopes that more participants would be interested to be part of the run, to fundraise and ultimately register themselves online.

How We Helped

deCastella Run website design mockup

Website Design & Development

To ensure that the yearly event gains its popularity, receives great numbers of registrations with successful endings, Kode Digital was inspired to build deCastella Run, a modern looking website with high standards of beauty and functionalities.

The deCastella Run website was updated yearly with information on their run such as a short video clip on the overview of the event, important key dates – event, item collections, information of the fundraised campaign and sponsor details.

In terms of website functionalities, we have added a countdown calendar for the event, linked deCastella Run to a registration site, a fundraising site as well as a result page to ensure that participants can easily register and check their results.

The website was also integrated with a subscription form for newsletters and event posters for participants to share them with friends and family.

The Outcome

It has been a great honour for Kode Digital to be a part of the deCastella Run project. We are proud to witness that the run is now a well known event online and eventually an informative platform for loyal and new participants to submit their registration through the deCastella Run website.

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