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Day and Night Assist Care is a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Service Provider with an experienced team of professionals who are passionate about supporting people with disabilities in Victoria, Australia. They will play a vital part in ensuring NDIS participants with disabilities live the fullest and independent life. They deliver a higher standard of quality assistance and complex care services catered to participants’ needs 24 hours and 7 days a week with access to community activities, respite care and accommodation services.

How We Help?

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

We were tasked by Day and Night Assist Care to craft a brand new website that enhances their online presence and places them in a position to succeed. They wished to highlight their experienced multidisciplinary team of registered nurses and lifestyle assistants who are qualified to give care and support to the NDIS participants with disabilities. In Addition, Day and Night Assist Care needed our help in presenting their perks to be part of them and receive the holistic NDIS care services via professional website design and content write-ups that connect to the target site audiences.

How We Helped

Day and Night Assist Care website mockup

Website Design & Development 

With more and more customers or clients turning to the Internet in searching for NDIS Service Providers that suit their needs, an easy-to-use yet clean website interface will bring a good first impression among site visitors. Not only do Day and Night Assist Care receive a beautiful website from us that exude professionalism, but they have also invested in an optimised site that effectively converts their target audiences. Furthermore, we provided our client with an interactive web design and a strong website development, making the complex NDIS scheme and care services appear simple.

Content Writing 

We were driven to create written content that connects emotionally with target site audiences for the new web pages of Day and Night Assist Care. Besides showcasing their high-quality tailored care services, we exhibit their values and what makes our client different from other NDIS registered service providers on this new website. Our words and strong core messages assure the potential participants with disabilities that they will receive the best of care and learn to live an independent life with the help of in-house attentive caregivers.

The Outcome

Our interactive and responsive website development for Day and Night Assist Care brings them a strong professional presence online for their potential NDIS participants with disabilities and specific needs to meet. We enhance the overall site functionality with clear navigation and imagery that stands out from the rest, supporting our client to meet business goals. In addition, we condensed their high-quality and all-inclusive services into a subpage so that site visitors will access this vital information easily. The calls to action (CTAs) on this aesthetically pleasing website will direct site visitors to contact information and enquire more about our client’s services.

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