Website Design & Development For An Online Welfare Store

Arrow Nutrition Australia

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Arrow Nutrition Australia is an online welfare store offering various medical supplements and vitamins to customers in and outside Australia. Their products help clients live healthier lives and manage different aspects of their well-being. These include helping them lose weight, regulate sleep, and get a balanced vitamin intake.

How We Help?

  • Website Design & Development


Our Challenges & Goals

As a small online company, Arrow Nutrition needs a reliable, functional website to sell its products. Arrow Nutrition tasked Kode Digital with designing a website that could act as the company’s main platform for business. To achieve this, Kode Digital aimed to create an all-purpose website for the company that included an online store and a means to contact the client.

How We Helped

Website Design & Development

Using the resources available on WordPress, Kode Digital designed a website for Arrow Nutrition. The website effectively summarised the client’s business information, linked their social media pages, and provided a shopping page that allowed visitors to purchase products. We optimised the layout and format of the online store page to allow ease of access and navigation for Arrow Nutrition to edit the page at their discretion.

The Outcome

Through a collaborative effort with the client, Kode Digital created a website that fulfilled the client’s requirements with a layout and content that closely captures the essence of the client. The straightforward website layout makes it easy for visitors and shoppers to navigate and make purchases. With the website for Arrow Nutrition designed and fully functioning, the client can reliably use the website as their primary mode of business.

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