25 September 2023


Kode Digital would like to caution our clients against responding to suspicious messages and offers from scammers using our business name for fraudulent purposes.

In recent months, Kode Digital has become the subject of fraudulent activities by impersonators. These scammers have posed as members of our staff to send people unsolicited messages on WhatsApp offering part-time jobs and claiming affiliation with Kode. Kode Digital’s official HR team wants to clarify that we do not collaborate with recruitment agencies and, more importantly, do not conduct recruitment processes via WhatsApp. Instead, the legitimate hiring process is carried out exclusively through the company’s designated job application platform.

Kode Digital urges the public to exercise vigilance and take immediate action when encountering such fraudulent messages. They have advised individuals to “Block and Report” any suspicious WhatsApp accounts claiming to represent the company. Kode Digital is also grateful to those who have come forward to report these incidents, which enable us to take swift measures to safeguard and protect individuals from falling victim to scams.