Kode Digital has received multiple awards for its excellence in the field of digital marketing across 2022 and 2023.

Kode Digital’s success comes from our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality digital marketing services. Our team is passionate about helping businesses achieve their online goals, and this shows through our awards and recognitions.

Our Top Accolades

Among the esteemed organisations that have recognised Kode Digital’s exceptional quality and unwavering dedication is Corporate Vision. They have honoured us with the prestigious Media Innovator Award, acknowledging our excellence in web development and digital marketing services within Southeast Asia. Additionally, Kode Digital has also received Corporate Vision’s MarTech Award, acknowledging us for standing out as “supportive business transformation experts”. These awards are physical proof of Kode Digital’s expertise and quality as digital marketing experts in Malaysia.

Our Remarkable Projects

Everyone at Kode Digital has worked hard to get us to where we are today, cutting our teeth on projects both large and small. Among them, a few projects stand out as prime examples of what Kode Digital is able to do with a little creative freedom.


Our collaboration with Pawwy started with their desire for a unique eCommerce website that not only showcased their accessories, but also allowed customers to customise their designs. Pawwy proposed a visually distinct website design, one unlike typical eCommerce sites. Going beyond our usual expectations, we found a suitable WordPress plugin that enables customers to select designs via colour palettes and preview their choices. We also integrated a multi-currency system for international orders and adjusted shipping prices based on location. This enhanced eCommerce site for Pawwy offered customizable design options and facilitated international purchases by providing a smoother payment process.

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Joint & Spine

As a new business, Joint & Spine wanted to create an online presence to inform customers and allow appointment booking. Kode Digital spearheaded the website’s development, providing a copywriting framework for the website and terms of service, and making adjustments based on client input.

Together, we designed a modern, informative website with more interactive features than ever before, deviating from conventional designs. The client approved the design with minimal changes. Now, Joint & Spine has an active online presence with contact details, service descriptions, and a headstart in attracting customers.

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Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff

Kode Digital was tasked with enhancing the online presence and virtual infrastructure of Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff, focusing on the website, electronic kiosk, and QR code translation site. At the time, this was an ambitious task for us, as it forced us to work with unfamiliar mediums and digital formats. We optimised the interface for the kiosk, connecting it to the local network, and created QR code pages for quick loading. Our work improved the online presence and interactivity of Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff, making it more accessible to a diverse audience and providing a one-stop platform for visitors.

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Our Way Forward

Kode Digital is proud to be acknowledged as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Malaysia, and is grateful to the organisations that have seen it fit to award our achievements. We hope to use these awards and experiences in our journey of constant improvement to provide the best services we can and redefine the approaches to digital marketing.

Want to learn more about our achievements? Eager to see what makes us stand out in the digital marketing world? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts or our website.