Unveiling Essential Features for Your eCommerce Website

In the wake of the global pandemic, businesses worldwide have recognized the importance of diversifying their revenue streams by expanding their online presence. The shift towards eCommerce has been accelerated, with more companies realizing that simply having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is not enough to thrive in this modern and competitive landscape. Today’s consumers crave a seamless and rewarding online experience beyond the transactional aspect.

For your online business to thrive and stand out from the competition, it is then necessary to build and maintain your customers’ loyalty within the scope of your business. This blog suggests a few ways in which you can implement customer loyalty features that will keep regular customers coming back.

Identifying the Need for an Enhanced Customer Experience

As businesses adapt to the new normal, more are beginning to realize that an online presence is no longer an option but a necessity. However, the significance of a well-designed eCommerce website extends far beyond merely selling products or services.
Consumers now place increased value on the overall experience and the benefits they derive from their purchases. They seek convenience, personalization, and a sense of connection with the brands they engage with. Therefore, businesses must create a compelling and customer-centric online environment that keeps shoppers returning for more.
There are many ways to enhance customer experience, some of which include:

Let customers shop through social media

While managing the social media accounts for Kazan Dessert, we have uploaded their Grab & Go products to Meta Commerce Manager to be integrated into their Instagram Shop. This will allow the customers to check out faster through the Instagram posts they see.

In today’s visual-driven society, social media platforms like Instagram have become powerful tools for eCommerce businesses. Integrating a shoppable Instagram feed directly on your website allows customers to purchase products they see on your Instagram account.

This seamless integration bridges the gap between social media engagement and actual sales. It allows businesses to showcase the best of their stock and leverage social media to drive traffic and boost conversions. It also helps you connect with your audience and build a stronger brand presence.

Reminding customers about the cart and product restocks

At SCCS, they want to let customers know that the product they are looking for is back in stock. So we have installed the Back in Stock notifier function so they can email the customers when they restock a hot selling product.

One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce is cart abandonment. Customers can forget to complete the purchase for items in their cart. Implementing an abandoned cart reminder system can help you bring back potential customers and reduce the chances of missed sales opportunities.

By sending personalized email reminders to customers, you can gently nudge them to complete purchases and notify customers about products that are frequently out of stock. When customers come across an unavailable product they want, they can subscribe to receive an email notification when the item is back in stock.

This approach helps capture potential sales by alerting customers when the product becomes available. It keeps customers informed and engaged, fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

Make their Wishlist shareable

Make it easier for your customers to share their desired products with their loved ones by incorporating a shareable wishlist feature on your eCommerce website. This functionality allows users to create a personalized wishlist and share it via email or social media.

Enabling customers to share their wishlists also makes it more convenient for their friends and family to find the perfect presents and send gifts. This feature enhances the user experience and drives additional traffic to your website as recipients click on the shared links to explore and potentially make purchases.

Introduce Payment Plans & Role-Based Pricing

To cater to your regular customers and encourage loyalty, consider offering flexible payment plans and role-based pricing. Implementing a payment plan system allows customers to pay for their purchases in installments, making high-ticket items more affordable.

Role-based pricing, on the other hand, offers special discounts or pricing tiers to customers based on their loyalty or membership level. These features not only incentivize repeat purchases but also provide a sense of exclusivity, making customers feel valued and appreciated.

Schedule & Track Deliveries

We have integrated the website with Lalamove API to calculate the estimated price for shipping on Kazan Dessert’s eCommerce website. Once the customer completes the checkout process, the order will automatically be sent to Lalamove, and a rider or driver will be arranged to pick up the order at the selected time.

Simplify the shipping process for your customers by providing shipment estimation and tracking features on your eCommerce website. Displaying estimated delivery dates and offering tracking information instills confidence in your customers and reduces post-purchase anxiety.

By streamlining the shipping process and keeping your customers informed about the status of their orders, you create a positive post-purchase experience.

Sabah Roast Lamb allows the customer to pick a delivery or pickup date and time for their catering.

Offering the flexibility to schedule delivery dates and times adds convenience to the online shopping experience. Accommodating the specific ordering needs and preferences of customers is particularly valuable for customers who wish to order in advance, ensuring timely delivery for special or time-sensitive events.

This enhances the overall customer experience and increases customer satisfaction, creating a positive experience that strengthens your brand reputation and encourages customers to return.

Sell Gift Vouchers with Schedule Functionality

Allowing customers to purchase gift vouchers in advance and automating the delivery process enables customers to schedule when their recipient will receive the voucher. This simplifies the gift-giving process and caters to customers who want to plan ahead.

Make your customers feel special by implementing birthday reminders and sending personalized promotions or gift vouchers on their special day. Acknowledging their birthday and offering exclusive discounts or rewards demonstrates your appreciation and strengthen the customer-brand relationship.

Birthday reminders provide an opportunity to engage with customers and encourage shopping habits while fostering a positive emotional connection. This personalized approach not only increases the likelihood of repeat purchases but also generates positive word-of-mouth recommendations as customers share their positive experiences with others.

That’s how you can Enhance Your Customer Experience, but what about Your Website Experience?

Invest in Professional Photos & Imagery

Vintage Wellness has provided us with a series of professionally photographed product images that improve the eCommerce site’s overall experience.

High-quality product photos and appealing imagery help capture potential customers’ attention. Investing in professional photography will make your website look more attractive and increase the customer’s appetite for your products.

Displaying clear and visually appealing images enhances the overall user experience, instills trust, and boosts conversion rates. By showcasing the best parts of your products, you can leave a lasting impression on your website visitors and sway them in your favor.

Provide Good Site Navigation

We have set up a Mega Menu for Trendy Creature, our client’s website, so users can easily search for the product categories they want when they click ‘Store’.

If your eCommerce website offers a wide range of categories and products, implementing a mega menu or product swatches can greatly improve navigation and user experience, enabling customers to view different colour options, textures, or patterns directly on the product page.

This interactive feature allows users to see what’s available more easily. A more engaging and realistic representation of your products can effectively showcase their unique features and increase customer satisfaction. This will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and a lower likelihood of returns.

By organizing your menu clearly and intuitively, exploring your website becomes effortless, reducing bounce rates and encouraging longer browsing sessions. A well-designed mega menu enhances your website’s overall usability. It ensures that visitors can easily discover the products they are interested in.

Encourage spending by upselling products

Trendy Creature recommends matching accessories for the product they have just added to the cart.

Take advantage of the purchasing intent by implementing an upselling products popup on your eCommerce website. When customers add an item to their cart, this feature displays related or complementary products they may be interested in. Suggesting additional items matching their selected product increases the average order value and encourages greater exploration.

Offering upsells at the right moment during the customer’s buying journey can significantly boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. It also allows them to discover relevant products they may have otherwise missed.

Centralise the stock inventory across all online and offline stores

If you run a brick-and-mortar store alongside your eCommerce website, integrating your online and offline operations through a Point of Sale (POS) system can save you time and effort. Connecting your inventory management systems ensures that stock levels are synchronized across all platforms, preventing overselling or discrepancies.

This integration eliminates the need for manually updating stock inventory, reducing human error and streamlining operations. This can provide accurate product availability information to your customers, improving their shopping experience and minimizing potential frustrations.

Improve brand loyalty by giving rewards

We helped our client, Hitachi Construction Machinery Malaysia, set up a customer reward program system. Their customers can accumulate points for each purchase and referral and use the points to redeem vouchers.

Implementing a loyalty program on your eCommerce website can help increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Reward your customers by offering exclusive perks, discounts, or early access to new products.

Providing a sense of value and appreciation helps you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Additionally, a well-designed loyalty program can incentivize customers to encourage others to shop there, expanding your customer base through word-of-mouth marketing.

Bundle up related products

Our client, HCMM, offers discounts to customers who buy their products in bulk. Buy more to save more.

Encourage customers to buy more by offering product bundles on your eCommerce website. Bundling related products together provides value and convenience, as customers can purchase complementary items in a single package. Offering bundled deals at a discounted price compared to buying individual products separately incentivizes customers to spend more while showcasing your range of products.

This strategy increases the average order value and introduces customers to new products they may not have considered. Product bundles create a win-win situation, benefiting the customers and your business.

The Keys To A User-Friendly(er) eCommerce Websites

Incorporating these additional features into your eCommerce website will undoubtedly enhance the user experience and generate more return customers. Investing in professional photos, implementing abandoned cart reminders, enabling shoppable Instagram feeds, and incorporating other key functionalities can attract and retain customers, increase organic traffic, and boost sales.

By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and continuously optimizing your website, you can achieve long-term success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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