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Some small business owners undermine the impact of digital marketing on businesses. This is not without basis. The dismissal of the possible opportunities that a business website could bring is due to many worries, such as the expenses or difficulty in using websites. Some business owners tend to assume it is irrelevant to their business.

On the contrary, websites can help businesses thrive. A business website can collect data. In addition, it helps in retargeting by focusing on how digital marketing campaigns would bolster their businesses. After the iOS 14 announcement on Meta, many small business owners are now struggling to get good results on Meta advertisements.

Small businesses mostly have tight budgets and find it hard to own a website. Well, owning one would add up to their monthly expenses. But investing is a part of the business. Taking the gamble with having more assurance that it will do well for business should be a risk that every small business owner should take!

The Impact of iOS 14 on Meta

Anybody would want secure digital privacy. But ever since the iOS 14 update, Apple intends to allow their consumers to have more control over who they share their data with by allowing each user to individually allow each application they use to turn on Identifier for Advertisers or IDFA.

Since mobile devices do not use cookies like web browsers, Apple has provided IDFA. It is a unique and random ID number assigned to every iOS device. By giving more control to users, IDFA does not collect any personally identifiable information. This feature allows users to reset it at any time.

This has negatively impacted Meta advertisements in the three critical areas for their social media digital campaign:

  • Targeting – users opting out of tracking affects retargeting website visitors resulting in a noticeable decrease in ad performance
  • Reporting – inaccuracies in metrics and modified data
  • Optimization – significantly affected due to restraints on data conversion needed to optimize data

How Business Owners Can Overcome This with Business Website

With the iOS 14 update, it has now been proven that Meta is not enough to facilitate a small business. Websites can help small business owners to continue their businesses despite the complications of Meta ads. A business website can come off as too intimidating to manage. However, using one for a business is easier than expected, alongside tools and applications.

So to combat the effects of the iOS 14 update on Meta ads, we have listed things to consider to easily facilitate websites made easy for small business owners. We saved all the backend web development mumbo jumbo for next time.

The Importance of Securing Data

Securing data is essential for both consumers and business owners. Website owners must consider that while data is the modern businessman’s oil in terms of the assets it brings, the realm of data and big data should be approached with utmost caution and care.

With the recent developments in cybersecurity and data privacy, it is vital to keep up with the times. Being SOC2-compliant is one way that has become recognized as an industry standard to show customers and prospects that your security practices are sufficient to protect their data.

Of course, going back to basics, you need a solid website hosting provider that can ensure your website’s security. Occasionally, money comes into the conversation and influences businesses to opt for cheaper website hosting. This comes not without risk, and higher website hosting costs mean more features to ensure website security.

Business Intelligence is The Name of The Game

Visualizing data can be challenging. But with business intelligence dashboards, data visualization and analysis tools are now more straightforward and uncomplicated. Business Intelligence dashboards are now an integral part of business intelligence. It is broadly used to give the business owner a broad view of key performance indicators (KPI). Furthermore, it comprises trends that can be used for strategic planning and operational analysis.

So what are the primary elements in business intelligence dashboards that could help a small business owner?

  • Improved information sharing to allow more collaborative data analysis and decision-making processes
  • Connected to various data sources to provide up-to-date information
  • It can show different performance metrics, statistics, and other information necessary to provide elaborate graphics for the user
  • Combines tables of data that give a brief look at related data values
  • It has interactive features that allow users to customize geographic settings, time and date, ranges, and such on data visualization
  • Includes text boxes and tooltips that provide comprehensive details about the presented data

Small business owners need to get an application that would value and provide these elements to make dashboards easier for the team. Some software offers an excellent business intelligence dashboard service that follows safe and secure infrastructure practices with a simplistic look and an easy-to-use data exploration tool.

Welcome to the Digital Age with A Business Website

To sum it all up, there still has been a bit of stigma among business owners about maintaining and using a website for their business. However, these days, significant paradigm shifts in how people operate, communicate, and transact have pushed industries to become more adaptive.

In business, there is no more denying that e-commerce has taken the industry by storm and changed the game. This is manifested not only in the practices of the private sector but even in state legislatures surrounding industries. It is high time businesses pull themselves up by their bootstraps and embrace this change to secure their spot in the future.

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