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Both businesses’ and consumers’ behaviours have taken a big hit in the wake of COVID-19. As a result, business owners have been finding alternatives such as Meta Live and Instagram Live, to connect with consumers from a safe distance, and at the same time, consumers are shopping from the comfort of their own home whilst adjusting to the new norm of social distancing.

Staying connected with the outside world during a pandemic is more convenient than ever with social media platforms such as Meta and Instagram. Both Meta and Instagram have an increase of 40% in usage due to Covid-19, with views doubling in one week for both Meta Live and Instagram Live respectively.

With Meta being the biggest social network worldwide and Instagram with 1 billion monthly active users, both live streaming features on Meta Live and Instagram Live have become a staple for business owners to maximize the reach of the targeted audiences. Live video streaming is one of the most engaging ways to connect with your audiences. According to statistics, instead of consuming any other form of posts, 80% of audiences would prefer to participate in a live stream of a particular brand.

Besides showcasing their similarities and advantages, one of the purposes of this article is to elaborate on how Meta Live and Instagram Live work. In addition, we will further discuss the tips for best practices and share the kinds of live content made by some other brands for reference.

Let us explore the world of self-broadcasting.

Similarities of Meta Live and Instagram Live

Before we discuss the advantages of Meta Live and Instagram Live, let us understand how similar they are.

  • Meta Live and Instagram Live are owned by Meta.
  • Both of the social media platforms use push notifications that notify the followers once you start a live stream.
  • Two of these platforms have built-in features that allow the streamer to engage with the audience in real-time and vice-versa. Audiences are allowed to comment and react to the live stream in real-time.
  • Both of them provide comprehensive analytics of the particular live video to the streamer at the end of the live stream.

Reasons to Use Meta Live and Instagram Live in Covid-19

1. Catch Audiences’ Attention and Eyes

80% of audiences on social media prefer to watch a live stream rather than read a post. Targeted audiences get to experience your live stream in real-time, similar to going to the mall to browse and shop pre-covid.

2. Keep it Simple and Cultivate Intimate Connections within Audiences

Things don’t always go according to plan. Authenticity is what gets more potential audiences to watch your live stream. With amazing content to share or sell to bring convenience amid Covid-19, you need not worry about organizing an extravagant scene or having the most perfect lighting. They will connect with you from a personal level.

3. An Immediate Response from Audiences

Social media live streaming creates engagement and conversation between live streamers and audiences. Actively listen to their needs and adapt to their request from their real-time comments, whilst keeping your content fresh to the eyes and entertaining during stay-in days of Covid-19.

4. Skip the Algorithm to Reach Audiences

With an ever-changing algorithm on social media platforms, getting seen is getting more difficult in selling your brand. Numerous competitors can be seen with different types of posts in audiences’ news feeds, especially during the pandemic. By utilizing live streaming, your brand is more likely to reach audiences, you can get six times more interactions than other kinds of posts.

What is Meta Live and How Does it Work?

Meta Live was launched in April 2016. It is a live streaming service that Meta offers. It allows you to broadcast videos in real-time to your target followers and potential audiences. As of 2018, 78% of social media audiences watched live videos on Meta Live. Besides just watching it, Meta Live allows audiences to engage with the videos as well.

Here is how Meta Live works:

Step 1: Click on the Camera Icon

There is a “What’s on Your Mind” section at the top of the Newsfeed page of Meta where users will post their status updates. Select the “Live” option directly below it and Meta will ask for access to your camera with a microphone. Allow access for both camera and microphone so that there will be a two-way conversation between streamers and audiences.

Step 2: Add a Description

Your description of the live stream will be brief one-to-two sentences. You can locate where to add a description just above the “Start Live Video” blue button.

Step 3: Add Details

In the “Tap to add a description…” section, there are a few icons. The first icon from the left allows you to tag people in your video. The next icon is where you can choose how you are feeling at the moment.  The third lets you geotag your location of the live stream at that moment.

Step 4: Start Live Video

When you are all set and ready to begin, select the big blue “Start Live Video” button at the bottom of your screen. When you want to end the live stream, simply select “End Live Video” to stop streaming.

What is Instagram Live and How Does it Work?

Instagram Live was launched in 2016. In 2018, more than 100 million Instagram users watched Instagram Live streams every day. With 500 million people using Instagram daily, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and 30% of them have purchased a product they found on Instagram. Their willingness to buy from brands they follow on Instagram will definitely increase if you put a spotlight on your brand and services through Instagram Live.

Here is how Instagram Live works:

Step 1: Swipe Right to Instagram Stories Mode

Instagram Stories mode is located at the top left of your Instagram feed. Swipe right from your feed and it will open to the camera view. There are other Instagram users that you are following posted stories by the circle icons with their usernames listed beneath them. You can view their Instagram Stories by tapping on the icons.

Step 2: Tap “Live”

In the Instagram Stories Camera section, there are a few options to choose from according to what you want to do with it. This list of options will be at the left side of the camera view that includes:

  • Create
  • Boomerang
  • Layout
  • Multi Capture
  • Level
  • Photo Booth
  • Superzoom
  • Hands-Free

To start an Instagram live video, select the “Live” option underneath the capture button.

Step 3: Share Instagram Stories to Meta Business Page

It is a good idea to share your Instagram Stories to Meta to increase engagement as not everyone who follows you on Meta follows you on Instagram.

Step 4: Go Live

Select the button to start your live stream and your followers will get a notification, letting them notice your live streaming.

Tips on using Meta Live and Instagram Live

1. Make a Schedule for Regular Live Videos

Set a schedule for a consistent series of live videos to keep your followers coming back. Research about when is the best time to do live streaming to get maximum reach among your potential audiences.

2. Identify and Set Your Main Goals

Brainstorm and distinguish what you wish to benefit from live streaming. From boosting customer relations to increasing brand awareness, your brand should organize live streaming that aligns with your brand goals.

3. Promote the Live Streaming

Inform your potential audiences through social media platforms about the upcoming live-streaming a day or two ahead of time. This is because they might not be ready for it if you went live spontaneously.

4. Keep Reintroducing Yourself and Your Brand

It will be confusing if audiences jumped into the live stream midway without knowing who you are and what it is about. Instead of leaving them in confusion, try to reintroduce yourself and your brand periodically during the live stream. State the topic that you are covering as you are live streaming. As an example, you can reintroduce yourself at the five-minute mark, the ten-minute mark, and so on.

5. Encourage Engagement and Communication

One of the best parts of live streaming is that both audiences and live streamers can communicate in real-time. Audiences get the chance to ask questions, share the video, and even send reactions during the live stream. Encourage them to comment on the video or share it on the newsfeed.

6. Get Someone to Help You in Responding to Comments

Having a person at the side to respond to comments will help you out immensely while you are busy sharing content. It will also help your audiences understand what they want to know in real-time.

7. Be Authentic

People love authenticity as it humanizes you and your brand during live streams. Being real brings in potential audiences that are genuinely interested.

8. Test the Sound Quality before Going Live

Before you start the live stream on social media platforms, shoot a sample video and double-check the sound quality, making sure that it is clear enough for the audience to hear you.

Businesses that Utilise Meta Live and Instagram Live during Covid-19

Amid the Coronavirus, we have witnessed numerous businesses come up with new ways to connect with their crowds and communities. Brands have effectively utilized Meta Live and Instagram Live that make their brand feel more real than ever. It is an opportunity for them to be more authentic without feeling it being scripted.

Brands that Went Live on Meta Live

1. The Cincinnati Zoo

Due to the pandemic, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden had to shut its doors to the public. They have come up with an idea to bring the zoo experience to young children by providing an at-home educational live streaming on Meta.

They highlight one of their animals and organize fun activities to bring the zoo experience to the comfort of children’s own homes. All the live streaming is interactive as young children get to ask questions and share their assignments with one another.

2. Benefit Cosmetics

There are various make-up tutorial videos online where the boring parts are cut out, causing the viewers to pause to keep up with the make-up routine. However, with live streaming, brands such as Benefit Cosmetic streams live to showcase their in-house products make-up tutorials on Meta.

With Meta live, audiences need not pause the video to get ready as they can do their makeup by following the live streamers in real-time.

Brands that Went Live on Instagram Live

1. Modo Yoga NYC

Modo Yoga NYC is a New York City-based yoga studio that offers a full schedule of live Instagram classes throughout the COVID-19. Audiences can release stress through live stream classes whilst sharing the schedule for upcoming Yoga classes from time to time.

Yoga instructors get to interact in real-time with audiences through comments and reactions. Their donation-based classes have encountered an expansion of the Yoga community with the help of Instagram Live.

2. J.Crew

Through Instagram Live, J. Crew regularly offers exclusive deals such as freebies and giveaways that only last as long as they are streaming live.

The followers will find value in following the brand and keep an eye on J. Crew on social media for any upcoming exclusive sales or deals. This tactic encourages audiences to engage with the live stream, at the same time it rewards your most faithful followers on Instagram.

The Potential of Meta Live and Instagram Live 

Ultimately, both Meta Live and Instagram Live possess huge potential in making your brand visible if you start utilizing them earlier.

Meta Live and Instagram Live offer your brand’s target audiences and community the reason to keep a sharper eye on you on the social media platforms. Plan and organize live streaming that works for your brand according to business goals and core values to upsurge the audiences’ engagement and brand awareness.

From exclusive sales or deals, brand tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, or special launch events with influencers and celebrities, your community will be on the lookout whenever your brand goes live on Meta or Instagram.

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