Have you noticed that video marketing has been popular nowadays?

Businesses are now using video marketing to promote their products or services. The reason being is that video content can be easily digested even if it has a large amount of information. That is why research has shown that videos are being watched for a billion hours of video clips per day.

Your competitor might have done video marketing and are getting ahead of you. So, if you have yet to take advantage of video marketing, you should start now. We have compiled 10 reasons why you should integrate video into your marketing strategy. Besides, we will discuss ideas, tips and best practices for businesses to plan a solid video marketing strategy.

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Why Should You Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy?

According to Lemonlight Survey, video marketing can bring outcomes such as below:

  • 86% of businesses achieved more traffic to their website
  • 83% of businesses experienced an increase in the average time spent on their site
  • 90% of businesses generate more leads than before
  • 78% of businesses experienced a hike in their sales

With the data above, we can see that by employing videos in your marketing scheme, your brand can achieve a new high. Let us go further and dive deeper into more reasons why your brand should employ video marketing in your business. Additionally, Threecolts hits the nail on the head with their Video Marketing Strategies that you should check out.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

82.5% of all internet traffic will consist of videos in 2024. Digital platforms or social media such as Meta, Instagram, Google or Youtube are more likely to show video content to their users. Also, the content will have a longer shelf life in users’ news feeds as well. Especially since Google has purchased YouTube, the search engine has automatically prioritized video content more as it will view it as rich media content. With video content far less competitive than wordy blog posts, the chance of ranking higher on Google is far greater if you underwent video marketing.

Moreover, video content allows you to increase the audiences’ duration staying on your website. The long exposure of audiences will signal the search engines that your site possesses good content. Thus, posting different kinds of visual content on your websites can boost engagement because Google ranks the websites with videos highly on the search engine page.

2. Build Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility is the foundation of conversions and sales. Through video marketing, you can connect with your audiences by infusing the brand’s voice and personality for your company and your brand. Ignition and triggering of emotions through video content can build a strong foundation of trust and a long term consumer relationship.

Mark Schaefer, the Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, stated that “The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.”

Moreover, YouTubers have become one of the most powerful personages to promote your brand and products. Through Youtube videos with different voices reviewing your sponsored products, subscribers or fans of the particular YouTuber will support the products that are used and promoted. This is because they have built that one-to-one connection and trust throughout their YouTube journeys.

3. Engaging with Audiences even the Laziest Ones

With the help of video marketing, you can easily target lazy or busy audiences as humans are highly visual creatures. People process visuals 60,000 times faster than they process text, according to a study by the Management Information Systems Research Centre at the University of Minnesota. This is an eye-catching tool that can transform lazy and busy audiences into potential customers.

Video content has become a huge part of today’s social media conversation. Besides, with the introduction of easy-to-consume Instagram IGTV, Meta Watch, as well as live videos on both Instagram and Meta,  engagement between brand and wide audiences is right at our fingertips, which ultimately leads to sales and conversions. According to HubSpot, about 85% of the audiences asked to see more video content from brands. Hence, investing in video marketing will assist in growing your crowd and revenue.

4. Increase Conversion and Sales

The implementation of video marketing into your business marketing strategies will help you in boosting profits and sales. Instead of reading the information in words, a compelling presenter in a video can also influence potential audiences’ buying behaviours and persuade them to convert into a customer. But delivering the right emotions and tones through videos is one of the powerful key selling tools as well. For instance, videos such as a fun makeup tutorial to showcase the latest makeup products can urge audiences to buy and follow the ongoing makeup trends.

Some statistics on conversion and sales thanks to video marketing:

5. Appeals to Mobile Users

Almost everyone possesses a smartphone in this digital age, the same goes for having a social media account. Social media feeds are flooded with different kinds of content, thus your content must stand out. Video and mobile devices go hand in hand. There are around 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.

From Instagram stories, YouTube, TikTok and everything in between, video content is a massive market for mobile internet surfers and social media marketing. Furthermore, according to the Invodo reports, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others on social media feeds. The more widely the video content is distributed, the more likely other social media users will watch it, and the possibility of them converting into your consumers will definitely increase.

6. Explain Everything Easily

97% of video marketers reported that a product video can help in the increase in audiences’ understanding of a product or a service. In addition, we may enjoy reading, but video content audiences will retain much more of the key information if it is embedded within a video instead of a wordy blog post. This will allow your brand to register a much longer-lasting impact on consumers’ minds.

With people constantly on the go, consuming content and understanding something through video content is usually more convenient. If you are trying to explain a difficult concept or complicated process, creating animated videos can help you to bring concepts to life. In fact, visuals will demonstrate exactly what you are trying to convey so everyone can easily understand them.

7. Encourage Sharing on Social Media

Simply Measured studied Meta’s top 10 brand pages in Malaysia and stated that the video contents are shared 1200% more than text posts and post with links combined. From professionally filmed brand videos, music videos, to funny videos, the more informative or entertaining the video content is, the better chance there is that it will be shared and reach a wider crowd. Once the audiences share your videos, it is considered cost-free advertising for your brand and company.

On the other hand, with video content that ignites different kinds of emotions, audiences will feel related and respond to the content. For instance, a brand can organize an online campaign where product users can film a review video and post them on their social media feeds. This can encourage their friends and family members to engage with the video content itself.

Video Marketing Ideas, Tips and Best Practices

So, you have come up with a great plan and strategy for your video. Furthermore, you want to incorporate them into your marketing campaign. But how can you go about making a video that is engaging and optimized?

First, you should understand the ideal video length on each platform before proceeding.

  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • X: 45 seconds
  • Meta: 1 minute
  • YouTube: 2 minutes

Again, it is important to take note that the first 3 seconds of the video is particularly important. You can try to make a point promptly by using a quick sketch, questions, or facts to build curiosity. Make sure to keep your video mobile-friendly since almost 50% of all video is watched on a mobile device. The video should be in square size for a better user experience, so the viewers do not need to rotate their device. 85% of viewers watch a video without sound on, so make sure your video has a great visual impact and caption on it.

Most importantly, do not forget about your call to action. Real Men Real Style mentioned that having no call to action on a video will have engagement that drops by 70%. You should ask your audience to subscribe to your channel at the beginning of the video when they are less distracted.

With tips and best practices above, now it is time to talk about some video ideas your brand can film and edit, ready for the eyes of audiences or consumers.

1. Tutorial or Educational Video

Tutorial or instructional videos can be used to teach your targeted audiences about basic how-to and educate them to use the products or services effectively. Introducing the audiences to new products through video content can build foundational knowledge. What they learn from your videos allows them to better understand your new arrivals and methods to use them.

2. Events Video

Introducing events videos such as a live webinar, conference, or fundraising allows audiences to watch from the comfort of their own home. It really comes in handy for both event organisers and target audiences, especially with the pandemic Covid-19. Produce highlight clips and post them on social media. So that people who missed them in real-time can watch them when they are free to do so.

3. Interview Video

A deep dive with an industry expert or brand members through video content will offer concrete or behind-the-scenes information for audiences. The interview video is a great way to build trust and credibility with your target audiences. A Q&A session can be added if the interview video is hosted live, as this can help in increasing engagement as the interviewee will answer the audiences’ questions.

4. Customers Testimonial Video

Potential audiences always want to know how your services and product can solve their specific problems. By creating testimonial videos that feature satisfied and loyal customers on camera, highlight real-time customers’ challenges and experiences about using your products.

5. 360 Degree, VR and AR Video

With the 360° videos, audiences can “scroll” around to see content from every angle possible from a spherical point of view. On the other hand, Virtual reality (VR) allows audiences to navigate and control their experience. These videos are usually viewed through devices such as Oculus Rift as if they are inside another world.

Through an AR video, you can add a digital layer or graphic to what you are currently viewing in the current world. For example, point the smartphone camera to your living room and the AR feature will allow you to see how a couch would look in the space you point at. The IKEA Place app utilizes the AR Video feature to boost engagement among consumers.

Get Ahead in the Video Marketing Game!

Based on the data above, 96.8% of 34.13 million Malaysia’s population are active social media users. If you have not integrated video, interactive content, or AI technology into your marketing plan, you are most likely falling behind.

Younger generations today are more attracted to brands with new and exciting approaches. Videos can be one of the best ways to connect with your customers. This motion content gives them a glimpse of what your business is doing. You can try incorporating interesting stories or valuable information with your brand. The more they feel connected with your brand, the more likely they will stick around.

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