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Business Development Manager

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Life is like a Box of Chocolates

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been drawn to social interactions like a moth to a flame. I simply couldn’t get enough of connecting with people and having meaningful conversations. Whether it’s chatting with a new acquaintance or diving deep with an old friend, I find great joy in getting to know others and learning about their lives and experiences.

The Wandering Mind: A Search for Direction

As a student, I always had a love for learning and excelled in some subjects. However, during my early school years, I found it challenging to fully express my skills, talents, and creativity due to academia’s traditional and theoretical nature. While I enjoyed learning, I often felt that focusing on academics and structure left little room for self-expression and the exploration of my own passions. I was expected to conform to a certain mould and meet certain expectations, and I often struggled to find ways to showcase my abilities and interests within this narrow framework.

It was a constant battle to try to fit into a mould that didn’t fully represent who I was as a person, and I often felt stifled and unable to fully express myself. I was someone who was full of ideas and creativity, and I felt that the traditional education system was not able to accommodate or nurture those qualities. I remember feeling frustrated and disillusioned at times, wondering if there was a way for me to truly showcase my talents and passions within the confines of the education system.

Despite these challenges, I was determined to find ways to excel and make the most of my life.

The Heart’s Desires: A Journey of Passion and Pursuit

It wasn’t until I pursued my diploma in business that everything finally seemed to fall into place. From the very first day of college to the last day of my degree, I excelled in areas such as presentation, strategy, and conceptualization, particularly in the field of marketing. It was as if I had finally found my niche, and I was able to tap into my full potential and truly express myself and my passions. As a result, I was thrilled to graduate with first-class honours for my business degree.

After graduation, I was fortunate enough to secure an internship at a digital marketing agency, and it was during this time that I truly discovered my true passion. I was absolutely captivated by the world of advertising – the planning, strategizing, meetings, and understanding of the human psyche to know what triggers someone to become interested in a product or service. I knew this was the career path I wanted to pursue, and I was determined to become one of the best in my field.

I spent the next few years working at various companies, always seeking out new opportunities to learn and improve my knowledge in marketing, digital strategy, leadership, and management. I am particularly passionate about giving my clients the best ideas and strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes. To this day, I still get a rush of excitement every time I work on a new project, and I remain committed to growing and succeeding in the field of marketing and advertising.

The journey of self-discovery is never easy, but it is always worth it.”

The Endless Horizon: An Odyssey of Adventure and Exploration

Currently, I am fortunate enough to be a part of the talented and rapidly expanding team at Kode Digital. When you find a workplace where the people are genuinely passionate about their work and the industry as a whole, it inspires you to strive for even greater success and growth. At Kode Digital, we are all united in our goal of providing the best solutions and delivering impressive results for our clients.

I am proud of the numerous awards that Kode Digital has received and hope that we will eventually earn the right to a Kancil Award – a coveted recognition of excellence in the advertising and marketing industry. It would be a dream come true for our team to be honoured with such a prestigious award.

I believe that my background and experience have prepared me for this role and equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to help our clients achieve success. I am filled with excitement for the future and all that it holds for Kode Digital, and for me. With hard work and determination, I am confident we will continue to thrive and accomplish great things in the industry.

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