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We believe that we can help Malaysian businesses grow to meet the ever-increasing demands of our economy by helping our clients connect their businesses to the digital network. We believe that any business can expand their reach to their customers through having an online presence and even attract more customers through digital marketing. We at Kode Digital Experts Services are here to guide businesses along every step of their digital transformation journey.


Our mission is to help our clients successfully transform and expand their current business model onto the digital platform by first creating an online presence through our web development team. Once we’ve built an online avenue for the business, our marketing team can increase brand awareness of the business to its targeted market through various digital marketing platform and tools. Our design team are here to help with creating your brand or helping you create a custom web design that’s unique to your business while keeping it user-friendly and interactive.

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We believe that in Malaysia, Digital Marketing is still a growing marketing method that has not been fully realised compared to other global markets. Malaysian businesses have mostly relied on Facebook marketing to create an online presence and market their business, however, with Google being the most widely used search method for most buyers to find products, we’re here to help you tap into online market share from Google by increasing your Google “ranking” and getting your business on the first page when keywords related to your business has been searched. This increases any business’s chance of being the first pick advantage over your competitors.